Art and junk

First piece of H*R fanart. Uh.. more on the way, possibly. And maybe with color. Look, my scanner has a crack in it! Joy.

Not so great. Might re-do these characters.

Comments/criticism welcome!

Oh should do more of these! They are just so good!-Lord Pikachon

Of all the other fan stuff, this is the single most awasome one i have ever seen in this Wiki. Good jorb! E.L. Cool

Ah, my eyes are burning! That's creepin' me out! -Ingiald

Wow! These are some wicked sweet characters! You're awesome at putting your own style on them. And I must say I've never seen Strong Bad look sexier than the way you draw him.
Apparently you're older than the usual crowd around here, how 'bout you tell us a little about yourself. If you don't like disclosin' personal information, you don't have to, but I'd a like to know how old you are. If you have other drawings (I'm assuming anime) on the internet, I'd love to see them! Q-Ball
  • Wow, thanks! Hmm.. I've just turned 20, I'm female.. uh.. that's it, really. I'm not all that exciting. I have a Deviantart gallery where I post mostly stupid fanart type sketches (I rarely finish anything. Should have some finished stuff up eventually, and I have a separate gallery for my original stuff. Currently empty, of course, because I'm boring and derivative.) That's [here]. I don't really consider my normal style anime.. these drawings are kind of a departure from my normal stuff, and the anime influence sorta seeps through sometimes, especially when I'm trying to make it look "cartoony." I'm also working on a colored version of one of the scenes from "Experimental Film"--the little two second synchronized dance with Strong Mad, Strong Bad and Homestar. That part always cracks me up for some reason. Uh. Thanks for the interest, everybody. I didn't expect these little 15-minute sketches to get so much attention. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy and crap. --FortyFour

Wow. Your rendition of Strong Sad looks particularly creepy.He almost looks like he'd make a good 20X6 version of him. DocDragon

I think Homestar and Homsar look really strange with no arms in that style... --furrykef