For the last time...It's Homestar-RAH! Like in Marshmellow's Last Stand! It used to be his catch phrase.

(Upon listening to the theme song via the SNES, in the museum, I believe I've come to the conclusion that it is, in fact, weekdays. I still don't know WHY, but it is weekdays.
(Maybe it was like one of those 'maybe-when-we-get-older-we-can-make-a-real-cartoon' type of things. And of course, this was back when they had mario paint. Who ever heard of making a cartoon on the internet? Of course at that point it would have been for TV)

Are you sure that the last word is "weekdays" and not "with grace"? -- Corinne

For serious. It gotsta be "weekdays."
PS~ gimme a dollar.


Sounded like "we say" to me. --Upsilon

First of all, they say, "Weekdays." Secondly, I think after the "really great" part they say "at the lake," and not eating steak (I dont even know where the crap that came from)
-smooth crimnal

i think it is not eating steak it's melonade and at the end i think it says "rebate"

After listening to the song with the speaker up to my ear, I can confidently say that it says "at the lake", and at the end it says "weekdays". I use to think it said "excallaint", meaning excellent. I also thought that "weekdays" was "we great". That was not the case. Also, Easter Egg: If you click "play again" before the song is over, the song will start over but the end part will still be playing. -CE5

IT IS WEEKDAYS!!!!! b4 i thought he said apple-cake, not at the lake :P - Me2

I always figured that it wasn't any of those, and rather it was stupid Since, y'know, he's lifting a weight and all that. - Bahu

Anyone else notice that the video is shorter than the audio? The song goes on for several seconds after "Play again/Back" appears. - RaisedByACupOfCoffee

Two thoughts... Rather than anything about lakes, steak, or apple-cake, doesn't it make sense that it's saying athlete, but pronounced more like "A-tha-late". Just thought that made sense to me. Also, what's with the "booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo", instead of "we love you", did somebody just sneak that change in there? - VMoney

"At the lake"?! It sounded like "Cake I Made" to me! Not only that, It matches with the scene that plays when that line comes up!

Sounds more like an oo sound, not an ap sound- Rockability

After checking out the document history the changes I made were actually there before, so I just really changed them back to what they should be. Someone ( just screwed them up today. Lines 4 and 5 might still be wrong, I didn't touch them 'cause I'm not sure what they should be. -- BentWookiee

Hey Tom, shouldn't we be consistent with the links in the theme song lyrics? I don't think the links for the character names are necessary, but maybe we should at least be consistent (ie. all of them are links or none of them are links). --bw

I don't understand, BentWookiee. What do you mean? I think what you mean is that removing the PomPom link would work better. If so, then go ahead, that'd be fine, just put a "!" in front of the WikiWord so it doesn't link. -- Tom

Sorry about that Tom, I didn't mean to be unclear. Anyway, I was indeed referring to the PomPom link. I don't think it should be a link unless all of the other character names in the lyrics are also links. I changed it. --bw

Yeah, it's cool. PomPom happens to be the only character that has his own WikiWord. -- Tom

Shuo ming wen jian... "Says clear language piece?" "Says clear document?" "Says clean statement piece?" My guess is that TBC was trying for "This banner says Chinese." Anyone have any other ideas?

Nohah! I got it! "This explains everything." Of course it does.

-- CoachZismyLuckyNumber

I have a theory this was originally for the cartoon (that never came out) on Cartoon Network. Why else would they say "weekdays"?

Hmmm.. Clearly this is old ground, but it really does sound like they are saying "Homestar - Rah!" Also, there is clearly no "s" at the end. Either it is "Weekday" or to me it actually sounds more like "replay." -- PrinceOfTown

It is a-the-late you can hear the "th". I think it is Run said very quickly so it sounds like rah!.
I hear the S.

I think it's supposed to be a spoof of commercials for cartoons. The "weekdays" deal is just to continue the satire. At least, that's my two cents. (kittyteeroo)?