Sup? Okay, this is Pomx2, I have returned... mwahahah. I just got tired of putting all these parantheses (sp?) before and after Pomx2 so I made my name a WikiWord. TheChort... like it? I named it this since Pom Pom and The Cheat are my two favorite characters. (Pom Pom is the best, he's my favorite) So, um... yeh, have fun.

I play Runescape and here is my little charac: (in sprite form)


I will soon have a pic of it from what it looks like in Runescape.

(my charac's name is Mungo Kitty)

Post-its! But not the sticky kind, those things taste really bad (believe me I've tried). So in other words, comments. They go below. *points down* Be-lowwww. Some people don't understand and they post above. Stupid people.

Ketchup is the honeyflower's cream on middle!! (Sad attempt as Homsar)- SBZ22

TheChort? That sounds like how Coach Z pronounces The Cheat!--TubularLuggage

TubularLuggage- it is :)

I never would have guessed!!!!!- SBZ22