Great job with the WikiChat page! ~Rainer~

Oh, man, bretheren, how long have you wanted to update the Strong Bad Emails and get rid of all the slashes in /Transcript, /Easter Eggs, and so on? Good luck on your epic quest! - Jweb Guru, Commending Your Bravery

Yeah, it's been bugging me for a while. My ultimate goal is to sweep the entire wiki. Feel free to help out.
-Bretheren E

Why, certainly, my bretheren. Incidentally, it would seem to all cursory inspections that you essentially own the domain of the chatters. Is this true? Sincerely, uruG bewJ

I think I understand. I fixed the page up if that's what you mean. Is that what you mean?
-E Bros.

...I suspect that's what I mean. I was rather more intrigued by the way that you were able to completely remove the WikiAwards page without even a murmur of rebellious utterings. Possibly I misinterpreted this. - Jweb Guru

Yeah, man. I got powers. The total powers man. It's gonna be some powers.
-The Brothers E

Power... - FireBird