A cylindrical chocolate cake with a cream swirl inside. Strong Bad's favorite snack food. Several other cast members seem to enjoy these as well.

They are a real food. They really do taste good, though as Homestar says, those things are bad for you. Find them at your local grocery store! (Distributed by Little Debbie Snacks, I think)

Some of the places you'll find these are:

How do you ADD others? --MelonadeLuvr
Check out what other people do in Editing. You'll catch on.

"(Distributed by Little Debbie Snacks, I think)" There are many generic brands as well. The Cadillac of Swiss Cake Rolls would be the Hostess HoHo. --Scziy

What about Drake's Yodels? -- TheCheatsCousin

Those are pretty much a generic brand. -- William S.

You people forgot where Swiss Cake Rolls originated as an inside joke on the site! The first ever mentioning of it was a couple years ago, when you e-mailed Strong Bad, you got an automatic response. He said something about him reading your e-mail after he finishes off a box of Swiss Cake Rolls.