Welcome. I am the Sblaka. My e-mail is bubbadum@hotmail.com (and have msn).


You have won 15 Pikmin Points for your art.


Sblaka Sprites: These are only previews of Homestar Runner and Strong Bad if they were CHAO. If you want these for real, msn me or e-mail me, preferably through msn. (e-mail shown above)

I don't want your wimpy mouse,
I don't want your lame bunny.
I want my armless white dude,
'Cause I think he's pretty funny.
(To see what the crap I am talking about, check out the WikiFanStuff/Music section!)

Sblaka, I have to request that if you're going to post images on this site, they must not have your name or any other signature or watermark on them. All images with your name on them will be removed. The only exception to this rule is images displayed here in your userspace and original work in WikiFanStuff. -- InterruptorJones

Gotcha ;)- Sblaka

Also, you need to stop signing Easter Eggs and Fun Facts or Summaries or anything else. Only sign comments. -- FireBird