Japanese Cartoon The Cheat!
I drew, then scanned, then digitally colored this all by myself. I call him cheatachu!

Japanese Cartoon King of Town!
Same process as above, I mixed the KOT with that old guy from tekken. What's his name? And doesn't he hold the King of Fighters championship?

Japanese Cartoon Strong Mad!
Tee-hee, I practically wet my pants just making this one! Tell me how you like it, I love feedback!


This is an inside joke... but I hope you find it funny anyway.

My name is Quentin Sears (Q-Ball), I have been a loyal homestarrunner fan since sb e-mail "12:00". You might have seen my stuff before on burning horizon's HR fan-forum, I was poop_smith back then. Tell me if you know me, in my comments section. Oh, and all comments and questions are welcome, I love feedback!
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Does anyone know how to make an image smaller, without having to re-upload a smaller version? Q-Ball

I don't know know about that, but that old guy's name from Tekken is Heihachi (pronounced hay-hoch-ee.)- SBZ22

Thanks, I wish you could've told me that earlier. It took me quite a while to find that for myself, I posted about heihachi a while back on my fanart page. (this and my fanart page are exactly the same, but don't tell anyone!)
So from now on put all you comments on that page WikiFanStuff/FanArt/Q-Ball

Well, you wanted feedback, so . . . I love the strong Mad--ballet thing. And the Final Fanta is funny I guess. You're a good artist compared to the stuff my friends do. Do you take classes or something? And just curious, what's the name Q-Ball come from? Because I watch this tv show, and one of the guys on there is called that.--Mike

Why is this your userpage? -CE5

Yes, I like the thmikkaman.- SBZ22

Sorry, I wasnt trying to invade your freedom of speech, I was just curious as to why you like the thnikkaman. Maybe I shouldn't say this... but the thnikkaman is Bubs, he's wearing sunglasses and a piece of paper.
Okay enough of my light sarcasm which is often misread. No more comments on this page, go to my fanart page to post comments WikiFanStuff/FanArt/Q-Ball I don't check the comments on this page, so it gets very annoying. This dotted line means final, and don't nobody post anything else here just to be funny!