Here is the display of showing people why I was going to leave.

The reason I was going to leave is this: I have "comment-watching-software" on my computer, and it was annoying people (*cough-CE5, Tom-cough*) and I could not fix it. After people constantly asking me to fix it, I thought "I would be more beneficial to the wiki if I left." So I was going to. I told my friends that I was going to leave. And people were asking me to come back, so I did. And, that's it. LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!! (crying)


Q.So what exactly made you come back? Besides the fact that we were all planing to kill CE5 in the most elaborate way possible, you know Count of Monte Cristo style. Or at least I was. - DarkLordNache

A.I have many friends on the wiki. And CE5 desirved a second chance (*cough-scumbag-cough*)

I fully stand by the stranger. And CE5 is a weenie. Just kiddin, he's alright.
Seriously though, folks, don't insult people on the wiki. We gotta learn to get along. ~ AgentSeethroo

Thanks, man. - Mysterious-Stranger

Oh, yeah. That "Cough...Cough" thing is real' cute. Why don't you get yourself a life? And as for that moron LordNacho or whatever his stupid name is, just ignore him. If you ignore him, I think he'll leave eventually. -CE5

A life? I'm a gamer! I'M INVENCEABLE! And that is the way I am.
- Mysterious-Stranger

Just a comment on the comment blocker's blockings... was it really that necessary for anyone to put the work "Hate" on their page anyway? I wouldn't complain about it if it happened to me. -TheBigKnife