One of our greatest users has left us. This is a service to recognize Arrohed Aria


She was a good person. She was a great user. And she is the only person on this whole site I found one thing in common with: the flute. I would love it if we were in a duet.
- Mysterious-Stranger

I knew Arrohed fairly well considering I talk with her on MSN almost everyday. Although I do not believe she did all that much around the wiki, we must remember she was the one who started the whole sliced bread thing. So I guess it would be appropriate to say: Aria, you're as awesome as sliced bread. - Heir_of_Lindeen

I barely knew her, but, like her, I have been a victim of change. I can identify with her, and in that way, I knew her very well. She was very interesting, and here I can identify with her too, because she took a special interest. -- JestersOfTheMoon

She... She was the first person to sign my UserSpace... -TheBigKnife

She was so special to me. I think I even saw her name once or twice before. ;-) -JamesGecko

aw you guys...are so sweet. yup this is arro droppin in to check up on you guys. Heir, thats the sweetest thing youve ever said about me/.. well bye again -ARIA

Heh, well, I dunno about you guys, but um....well, I guess you could say Aria and I are "online dating"...but...yes, she's a great gal.