This is the "svelt, young" The King of Town introduced in StrongBadEmail/flashback. He is skinny, because he hasn't stumbled upon the lifetime supply of fishsticks which is evidently why he's so fat.


I looked up "svelt" on and it wasn't a word. They probably meant to spell "svelte", which basically means thin. -- William S.

Should the prince of Town really have his own page? he's just a younger KoT, right? --Upsilon

I seem to remember it being implied somewhere that the KoT bought a crown then called himself the King. If this is true, I don't think he'd bother calling himself the Prince of Town first. --FatPamPam

That was only implied. It was also implied that he didn't actually live in a castle, but we know now that that's false. I think he does have some sort of right to the throne, even if it doesn't count for much with his subjects these days. --Upsilon

The POT should NOT be a reject! He appears more than once, has been refered to, and is the reason why Strong Bad owns The Cheat! -Shopiom