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How good is this picture? - which now doesn't work -

A pertyperty good. -Arrohed Aria

If you're referring to monument in that comment, it's a-prettypretty good, not a pertyperty good. What is Strong Bad, a southerner?

Hmmm, that's a perty good point you got there. What are you? a non-southerner? Yep, probably.
You know I have noticed that all fans of homestar runner are kinda alike in a way.
To be a homestar fan, you have to have a certain sense of humor, and only certain people have it. Otherwise, you don't get what's going on and you don't understand what the fans are laughing at. All of my friends are like that, I'm there laughing like hell, and they just don't get it at all! I really feel at home here and it's nice for a change to talk to people about H*R and they actually know what I'm going on about. - M.J

Is anyone here Australian by the way? I AM! - M.J

Why you lucky explitive. I've always wanted to live in Australia. And that picture happens to be my favourite scene out of everything! You're pretty cool, M.J! -TheBigKnife (Plus the Ramones! Do you have a screen name so we could talk online?)

We are talking online. - M.J

If you want I can give you my address for my website.
Oh, I forgot to mention that I am president of the Glavens. Glavens RULE!!! - M.J


The Simpsons are the BEST - FireBird

I love the Simpsons.
By the way, can anyone here do any of the H*R characters voices?
I can do Homestar, Strongsad, the Cheat, Coach Z, The KOT, Homsar, Japanese SB and homestar, Marzipan and a bit of bubs when I get into it.
I can do Strongbad's accent but my voice isn't quite low enough to do it well. I can do homestar's voice the best. It's the easiest.

I'm good at doing voices anyway, it's one of my many talents.
I can do a pretty mean impression of Harry, Ron and Hermione with their pommy accents too, but It gets annoying at school when everyone wants me to do voices every 5 seconds.
Man,... I wrote enough. - M.J

Not to brag, but i I can do the wickedest Homsar. I mean like, my friends can't belive it. LOL, its my only talent. -TheBigKnife

Sweet! I love doing voices, its way fun. Who is everyones favourite character anyway? Mine is DEFINATELY Homestar. - M.J

I'm pretty into Bubs... *wink* -TheBigKnife

I went to a wedding on the weekend. It was cool, I was a bridesmaid (coz it was my dad's wedding) and I actually went and participated in the Karaoke. I was tempted to bring my strongbad CD and sing to that, but my Dad would get annoyed. But I can just imagine me going up there singing the Techno song (The system is down.) That would be cool. - M.J

By the way, what season is it 4 you guys, in Australia it's the last month of Autumn so its freezing at the moment. I guess it is probably like Spring going into Summer soon 4 you. - M.J

Kings Of Chaos


Well, I am a member of this game thing and if you can go here

and click on whatever number is displayed, eg. @F-O-U-R% (4) then click on the number in a box below it to add numbers to my army. That would help me alot.
Thanks - M.J

ok. I did the thing. And I also made my own thingy. So does that make us deadly enemies or trusted allies?
~ AgentSeethroo

YAY! Thank you so much. Uh, we can be allies if you want. Depends what race u are I guess, I'm an elf and I don't really attack other elves. But I won't attack you on purpose anyway. - M.J

I can't wait for the next SBemail. It's the highlight of my week. - M.J

I must remember this site:

The Entertainer

Hey, MJ, I'm bored. Do somethin' funny. - Agent "so bored" Seethroo

Let's see here...I can tape this blank floppy disk to my head, and start talking gibberish and acting like the crazy squeaky guy. LEEKO! LEEKO! LEEKO! I'm a squeaky guy! {jumps up on the table and starts dancing around}
I got squeaky pants! Come check out my squeaky pants dance! Squee squaw squee squaw squee squaw! - M.J

- This was once a picture of Strong Bad with a blank floppy on his head. -

Outstanding! Agent "Ain't bored no mo'" Seethroo

Thank you. Hey, you're like online, as soon as I did that, you replied. Wow. what an age we live in. - M.J


Please Check out my Fan art:
WikiFanStuff/FanArt/M.J - M.J

Hey, good jorb on the fan art, Girl From the Future! I'll see you on IM later!
Agent "The boy from yesterday" Seethroo

Thanks! There is more coming, I just have to wait until I have computer studies again. Hmmm, I wonder how different our times are, if you log in now, its 3:14PM for me, but it's probably like midnite for your time. BECAUSE IT'S MIDNITE!
{Starts breaking out into song} - M.J

I have an idea. We should write a story. "We" meaning all the WikiUsers. Someone should start a paragraph, then a different person would do the second, another do the third, and so on, and so on.
Whatcha think?

I think that is a cool idea. But what would it be about? Anything Homestar related or just a story? I know I wouldn't be able to help throwing in homestar quotes. Post this idea up around the place and find out what other people think too. - M.J

I must remember this site:

You know I have a fake 1 million dollar US bill at home? It's really cool. I just remembered that after I watched 'couch patch' again. I should scan it and put it up here
- M.J