I have decided to make a log.

It is currently 12/7/04 11:26pm
BUT for Americans it is probably somethin like, uh I dunno
7:00am or something? I'm not sure, it depends where in America you are.
YAWN tired.
I watched the children's book (the Decemberween in July one)
about 7 or 8 times in a row.
I truly am obsessed with homestarrunner.com.
I'm quite the tired one so I shall go.
Feel free to add some comments or fix my typos, I mean it is pretty late.

13/7/04 3:38pm
Hmm, It just occured to me that Americans write the date the other way around, so really, you guys would think it's the 7th of the 13th month, which is probably... something like, uh, Thirtember. But no my comrades, it is actually the 13th of July.
I haven't been doing anything really except fixin' up the ol' website of mine
(which is WAY unfinished.)
I have decided that I am going to a University in Sydney to study computer graphics and animation. I have been thinking about it for a long time and yeah, I though animation would be really cool.
- Fin -

17/7/04 4:13pm
- Saturday -

Trying to find a place to upload my goofy photos.
Been working on my website and also creating more pictures. (Homestar Related)
I'll get those up soon, in my homestarrunnericons account.
Not much else to say really. Gotta go back to school on Tuesday. Noooo!

1st August 2004
- Sunday -
(clock)-----> |4:12pm|     
Yeah anyway, I finally have my old childhood memories flooding back after downloading Commander Keen 4 yesterday, I remember I had that game like, 9 or 10 years ago and always played it. AND NOW FINALLY I can play it once again. I also got 'overkill' which is a shooting space ship game that looks almost exactly like the new games menu on h*r.


Most think I have a boring life. - M.J