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  1. DREAM'D

How can something be new AND improved?

If it is new, it means there was nothing before it, so how can it be improved?
If it is improved, it means there was something before it to improve from, so how could it be new? - Think about it


I had a weird dream last night. I dreamed that I was in Sydney at some fete or carnival thing, and Matt Chaps was there dressed in a homestar suit. No one recognised homestar (as homestar runner isn't as big over here) but I sure did.
I ran over to him (even though at that point I didn't know it was actually him ) but anyways, he did homestar's voice and I was really amazed at how good he was.

So I said "You sound just like Matt!" and he said "Well, I am Matt."
So he took off his head (the homestar suit one) and I almost had a heart attack.
Then he said he was thirsty from being in that suit all day so I turned around and there was a little lemonade stand ran by an old man.
I asked him for some lemonade and he said he doesn't sell lemonade!! The stand said LEMONADE on it!!!

Anyway, I bought some bottled water from him and gave it to Matt.
He somehow wasn't in the suit anymore, just wearing jeans and a homestar top. He was very grateful for the water and hugged me. I was so happy, then he said
"Hey [insert my real name here], how about.." Then I was awakened by a huge blinding light my mum turned on. - Why am I mocked?