This is neat. YES! I HAVE A GMAIL ADDRESS NOW! ! go email me!

well, i still haven't thought of a username. i need my brother to get home. but i did find these that i made!
- STRONGMAD: strongmad.gif
- STRONGSAD: strongsad.gif
- STRONGBAD: strongbad.gif
- HOMESTAR: homestar.gif
- DA CHORT!: cheat.gif
- SHEEP: sheep.gif
- TIRE: tire.gif
- ATARI DRAGON: duck.gif
- PLANE?: plane.gif
- POMPOM: pompom.gif
- BUBS: bubs.gif
- MARZIPAN: marzipan.gif
I am most proud of Strongmad, Strongsad, and the Tire. I think the plane is from one of the main pages. How do you make things bold? I don't like not having to use html. It makes me all confused. I should redo the cheat. I should find the picture of the cheat cake I made my mom make for me for my birthday cake.

If you like Thy Dungeonman 2, you could call yourself TD2, or if you like Marzipan you could be Marzy-Pan. If you REALLY like Strong Bad you could be StrongBadsGirl. Or, my favorite, ShopiomIsSoCool. -Shopiom

hmm. When I can't think of a username, I use "DumbName". It's in a Strong Bad Email...I can't remember which one though...Oh well! Oh, and welcome!
Oh, the email is Invisibility. Thanks, Tom. ~ AgentSeethroo

Well, here's a question: who's your favorite character? Pick a username that has something to do with them. Or you can go with any of the old stand-bys.. tapeleg, grumblecakes, cheatcakes, mustardcrackers, abdilarue, trevorthevampire, kevingrumbles, swisscakeroll, caroltheguitar.. the possibilities are endless! Let us know what you decide on! -- InterruptorJones

I GOT IT!!! GrapeNutsRobot!!! ~ AgentSeethroo

Hey there Lauren. I noticed your "How do you make things bold?" question. You should check out the WikiGettingStarted page for all the information you need on how to edit pages. -- Tom

That's not a duck. It's a fhqwhgad/Atari dragon. -Shopiom is so cool
Yes I um never said it was a duck.. Yeah. I never did. If I just keep saying that it will become true. -- Lauren