Comments? Post em' here.

Okay, first off, why'd you baleet TANK? Second of all, can I use that "toons games ...ect" thing on my userspace.

I balleeted TANK because everyone had joined your army. And, yes, you can as long as you give credit to me. -- JestersOfTheMoon

Uh..sorry if it was my fault. Now your joining the Stevebadian army? --AgentNine

Thanks for saying something. How did you find it?
- Mysterious-Stranger

I was lurking at CE5's page. -- Jesty

Jestys awesome! What was your common interest with de Dart Arro?
- Shamus

You know, Rel is entitled to his opinion. You guys shouldn't be being so mean to him like that. *ducks*
- William S.

I still think you're insane for liking Final Fantasy IX (lousy characters, story that stole heavily from Legend of Legaia, eye-burning art), but I don't let that influence my judgment of people. Besides, anyone who appreciates Ultros scores well in my book. - RaisedByACupOfCoffee

You guys are all being silly. The insulting comment was flaming, so you should just delete it.
For the love of the wiki, knock it off.

JestersOfTheMoon, how was my So-and-so tryout? Here's a quick link! -Shopiom

Hey Lunar Jester! I love your Forum signature. I am a devoted fan of FFIII/VI (whatever you want to call it). Try beating it with only three characters! If you do it before I do (I've just collected Edgar and Setzer), I'll give you a free cookie! My combolations!
-The Brothers E

Hey J, you think you'd be interested in becoming my lackey?
It's well-paying and you don't really have to do much. You might just have what it takes.--AgentNine

Yeah. I deleted the flame war. If you think that's something people want to see on the wiki then go ahead and put it back. --Hobophobic

HOBOPHOBIC did that, Rel. HOBOPHOBIC. Not me, H-O-B-O-P-H-O-B-I-C. -- JestersOfTheMoon

And I signed my name. Like I said, if you disagree with me deleting a flame war then restore it. --Hobophobic

My last words on wiki: I never blamed you for it, parasite.-SephirothBadReligion

JestersOFtheMoon, I was thinking, that we could start TANK again? It had a few troops on it and with the traffic...We could combine TANK with The Stevebadian army. PLease? C'mon? PLEASE? -
The Enslaved Warrior of Agent9badia



I'm BAAA-AAA-CK! Jesty

Maybe now you can sort out a little problem in Other Character Email - Da Bee

You're back! Now I'll sing a song. (To the tune of Decemberween, Decemberween)

JestersOFtheMoon, JestersOfTheMoon
You've come back really soon!
JestersOFtheMoon, JestersOfTheMoon
You are back 20 minutes after noon!
JestersOFtheMoon, JestersOfTheMoon
The Conductor's been eating a spoon!
{The Conductor falls down on the ground.}
- CE1 (No longer The Conductor.)

Holy crap! I'm so glad you're back! What made you come back? Was it the great cheese, or the marshmallow? I AM GLAD YOU ARE BACK!!!

I'm back because I've found myself with hours of free time. You get to enjoy me till' September! Jesty

AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH, September! Oh, it's July. Phew. Welcome back, Jesty! I missed you! -((Shopiom|Shopi"I hate September because I have to go back to the learning place that I refuse to mention the name of it which I ended in June, and am glad it's summer vacation, and am going to sports camp on Monday, which is usually the day they update H* and I'll come home after six hours when the camp day is over and see the updates and I should never sign my posts with a signature this long ever again and cannot link my name on this post but oh well, I already commented on this page with a link'd post"om))

I auditioned for SM. How do you like it? -Shopiom