Okay these are try-outs for my lackey (I need one real bad). Tell me about yourself and then tell me why YOU think YOU should be my lackey. Thanks.--AgentNine

I, CE1, am really like AgentTwo cause I am caffinated. Like, naturally. I have a habit of fixing errors and stuff (like Tom, But not official!) I have pictures on my page. I do my own jokes. I used to work for you. I am close to your age, just a little older. Um... I have too much time and always put new stuff on the wiki. Wait, not important stuff. I don't like it when people say crap. In fact, this is my third time using it. The other times, I was asking SibbieSong's present identidy (you know), "Can I shovel you?" I know how to bold, italicize and [link]. - AgentTwo