I don't have much to say, except me > j00.

Now make me an ice palace with the cubes in the freezer.

are j00 the hawkeye from fire emblem? (berserkers rule) -cubeboy

Iowa123, are j00 and CubeBoy the same person? J00 two have the same IP. DeLoreanz1
Never heard of Iowa123. besides, I just joined today. -cubeboy

No, Iowa is the Hawkeye State. So, HAWKEYE123, are j00 and CubeBoy the same person, seeing as j00 have the same IP. DeLoreanz1

awww. But heres the only info j00 need: I named myself after a gamecube, HAWKEYE123 didn't. Bedides, lots of peeps have the same IP.

Okay, just to clear things up: Hawkeye123 does not have the same DNS address as cubeboy. Hawk's is "lineaAU249.velocom.com.ar" and cubeboy's is "adsl-217-41-250.asm.bellsouth.net". Hawkeye123 hasn't even edited this or any other page in well over three months. Why would you think otherwise, DeLoreanz1? -- Tom

My bad, I saw in RC that adsl-217-41-250.asm.bellsouth.net edited this page on the same day that CubeBoy's userspace was created, and when I checked here, there wasn't much here, so I figured that they were both new users. I fully messed up, I fully I should have checked the WikiUsers list? A Time Machine That Messed Up And Is Sorry

I'm not really sure if you are asking a question there... but just to make sure: you should have checked the [document history of this page]. The WikiUsers list won't tell you anything about someone's DNS address. -- Tom

It also tells you IP adresses on the Recent Changes list, unless I have a different internet carrier. With that being said, please do not leave two stinkies. -Hagurumon