cube boy rules.

Im not very good at this stuff, but I'll try:

My favorite homestar character: Strong Bad. I like retro, he likes retro. Nuff said.

My favorite email: video games or sibbie.

My favorite toon: Pesant's Quest Preview.

I told you I'm not good!
If you want to do a barrel roll, go here: (from star fox 64)

Weclome to this wiki!! A Time Machine Wecloming!! By the way, AgentSeethroo thinks this is funny, so I'll continue doing it

Hi there Rubik, how's it going? I believe I will do a barrel roll, right after I finish this frozen yogurt. 'Frogurt' I believe some people call it. I like the peasants quest review aswell. It's cool. So is Young Matt well enough rambling - M.J