Just a big Homestar Runner fan.

My site is: http://glutnix.webfroot.co.nz/

ICQ me on 8473626, or MSN me on > weed < nix > at < hot > mail < dot > com <. Other contact details available at my site above.

I've done the following notable things on this site:

I have also probably edited one or more of your pages to include relevant links to things you mentioned but didn't actually create wiki links for. Not that I'm taking credit for it :)

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Do you like Strong Bad? I love Strong Bad!

Hello there. I just added a floppy disk to the list in the Floppy Disk Container and noticed the only link to the page other than the one on your user page is from Computer Room. When people started listing the floppy disk labels, it was right on the StrongBadEmail page, you might want to consider putting a link for the Floppy Disk Container somewhere there. -- Tom

Hey.. just wanted to say hi... Homesar Wannabe