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Wow. ~Yaanu~

Just curious, did you just type in a random number or is there a reason. - Heir_of_Lindeen

w00t...awesome subpage!

Wow. This is quite possibly the coolest thing I've ever seen.

Ummm.... How is this cool? Just asking, but anyone could do it. -Lord Karkon

It just is. Go with it.
-The Brothers E

Actually, Heir_of_Lindeen, it is my student registration number. My student registration number is actually "s990960155", but the s didn't look good. Comanche

Ha! I knew it, that's another five bucks for me. - Heir_of_Lindeen

LOL Comanche

wow... it's so... 1337... - FancyMan

1337? Comanche

Yes, 1337, as in 1 4R3 1337 ST|-\/ |\|()()|3!!!11oneone |3()\/\/ 2 |\/| Y 1337 SK111s |\|()0|3E! |-|4 |-|4 |-|4!!!!!!oneone... (Extrapolate for about 3 minutes or so, and place inside a game, and you've got Counterstrike.) -War129


He's using "Leet"-speak. Never, ever use it. Please. Never. Ever. Ever. Unless you want a huge mob outside your house just waiting to attack you. Warmaster over there gets special dispensation because he was recently traumatized. I really and sincerely beg of you - do not profane this site of ours with Leet-speak. Continually existent, Jweb Guru

Don't diss 1337! 1337 is leet! It's not bad! Sure, I wouldn't talk 1337 here, but 1337 is not illegal or anything. --Lord Karkon

It should be. Despite free speech and everything. Yes, I know that's not in the Wiki Spirit. Fine, it shouldn't be illegal. It should be... frowned upon... and... reprimanded severely. Maybe users should be whapped on the nose with a rolled-up newspaper? I dunno, it could work. - Jweb Guru

I only use it when I'm demonstrating what it is, or trying to sound like an idiot, a skill that comes in handy sometimes. The case above was both. -War129

Hey! You guys remember when I had that glass of water, and then I drank it all, and then I threw away the cup? Oh, man that was great!
-The Brothers E

I don't remember that. Was it really a glass cup or just a plastic cup? - Heir_of_Lindeen

It was Glass, REMEMBER? oh! And remember that time when I took all the tape out of the drawer and covered the car and painted it blue for a science project? Remember that?!?
-The Brothers E

Ooh! ooh! remember the time I pinned a glass of water to the wall?

No, seriously, how the heck can "1337" mean "leet"?

Also, please check the news located at the bottom of Comanche for "leet" offenters such as The Leeter. The aforementioned individual will be continually subject to punishment until he stops.

Oh, oh, remember that one time when I wanted to see that one movie, and I bought a ticket for it, then I waited to see the movie, then I saw it, then I waited until it was over? And then, after that, I went home! It was so cool! -Shopiom