This is just reverse of my opinions page.

JestersOfTheMoon - He's one of the best guys on here.

Shopiom - He's also one of the coolest people on the Wiki.

AgentNine - Oh, man I love this guy!! He is the awesomest thing that ever happened to the universe.

AgentSeethroo - He and I haven't really communicated much. But other than that, he's a pretty cool guy.

Agent8 - My best friend.

Stevebad - He's cool. I like him. {But he thinks I want to destroy him (that was a joke, Stevebad.)}

StrongRad - I don't think we have ever encountered each other before.

PrincessOfStrongBadia - She's pretty cool. But I think we've only encountered once.

JoeyDay - Probably the nicest guy I've ever met.

Tom - I don't really like him when he's talking to me. But he's cool when he's not.

Stu - I kinda forgot what he's like.

Agent9 - Oh, man I miss this guy...*sobs*