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AgentNine tought me how to do that. Not Really. Kinda. Just say most of it. Anyway.....
I'm AgentNine's lackeyman! Sup peoples. My name's Derrian. Just call me Agent8. Me and AgentNine just sit down,watch T.V. And eat Homestar Runner cupcakes. I'm a good cook. I can make Strongbad Curry,The Cheat Pasta,and Strongsad Caffiene Soup. AgentNine is um..........beating up Joe (a famous singer). He killed his best friend..."snifle" His pencil.Two minutes later. Bruce Lee,Micheal Jordan,and Homestar R...... you know who,are my favorite athletes.
AgentNine (as usual) is with da captians.(Himself,Metastar&Firebird. Alright,peoples you better join da Homestary.(Intro.Sing it!!Not loud.)