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Strong Sad: I guess I'll check my email...

Dear Strong Sad,
why don't you pull a prank on Strong Bad?
I mean, he's kinda had it coming for a while

Strong Sad: I could try that, I guess.
{Strong Sad walks over to Strong Bad's computer}
Strong Bad: Email, da emails keep comin' and they never start slowin'...

Dear nerd,
Why do you exist?


Dear Strong Bad,
I have finally come. Will you marry me?

{getting up} What the crap? {bucket of glue falls on him}
The Cheat, you aren't supposed to pull pranks on me! {The Cheat comes and holds out gigantic bag of pencil shavings}
{Down comes The Paper}

Dear Strong Sad

I think that you are the greatest thing ever! Please send me some free stuff like a hundred dollars along with a poem you wrote for me.

Comanche Who really likes you
Strongsadissogreatsville , strongsadia

Strong Sad: Ah, my only fan. Now I have to wait tor Strong Bad to come and say that you said I was dumb and a crappy guy.
{days pass}
Strong Sad: OK, I sent my trust fund from the poem place that sends me like... a thousand dollars every week. So here's my poem.
Many days pass by
Is Strong Bad being nicer?
The answer is no
Next email.
Dear Strong Sad

I think that you are the worst thing ever! Please send me some free stuff like a hundred dollars along with a poem that you will write for me within the next 5 minutes or else your bum will really hurt.

Overlord Who really hates you
Strongsadissostupidsville , strongsadsucksia
Strong Sad: Even I know what to do here. Deleted.
Dear Strong Sad,
What would Strong Bad say if you ever showed him what you keep in that "fond rememberances" box under your bed?

Strong Sad: Let's find out using a Strong Sad robot and a fake box.
{robot walks up to Strong Bad}
SS Robot: Life goes on and on... Hello Strong Bad, look at this box.
{Strong Bad punches him in the face, leaving gears on a broken off SB fist and a SS face. The two emerge from their hiding spaces, grumbling}
Strong Sad: Now I'm going to make another virus to make Strong Bad computer explode again.

I don't get what just happened.
Strong Bad made a robot to punch SS in the face.
Oh! I thought you meant S.B.'s hand broke off! <:(


Certainly, strong sad, you see that you are simply a wandering artist in a sea of slaves,
I understand your pain.
No, wait, just kidding, you stupid, depressed, sad-personage!

Strong Sad: To quote my newest album "Everyone's a critic". Like this one time, Strong Bad taught me to climb a tree, but he cut it down when I was up there, so...
Strong Bad: That's not true, Dumpface! It was Strong Mad!
Homestar (dressed up like a detective) There's only one way to solve this mystery! Detective Homesar is on the case!
Strong Sad: What mystery? I'm checking my email!
Homestar: Oh. Strong Sad. How long have you been standing there?
Strong Bad: Just cut the crap already!
{Later, at a fallen down tree}
Homestar: Okay, guys, I'm gonna search for clues.
Strong Bad: This better be good.
Homestar: I found a ring... it kinda looks like a camera...
Strong Mad: NOOOOO!
{Back at the computer}
Strong Sad: So Strong Mad punched the tree down. Strong Bad wasn't lying after all.


wassup strongsad,
i was shopping for a skateboard an di also wanna know good stuff to grind to is pinkin lark any good?


Strong Sad: I find your lack of grammar insulting. I've got the latest Pinkin Lark CD though... it sounds like someone's playing it outside...
Strong Sad: Marzipan, what are you doing with my CD?
Marzipan: I made it more "town-friendly". After hastling my father, he passed a new law.
{Marzipan gives Strong Sad a paper that says "Due to recent outcry, only 'hippie' music can be played in this town"}
Strong Sad: Thanks for ruining my CD, Marzipan!
Marzipan: No problem!
{Cut to Strong Bad talking to the King of Town}
Strong Bad: Revoke this law! I wanna listen to my "Guitar Solos" CD.
King of Town: I'm sorry, all laws are final.
{Cut to Stong Mad}
Strong Mad: HUH? {Sees law and rips it up}

Dear StrongSad?,
How much do you wiegh (says "wee - ig")? Because you look like a fat elephant Jack Selby

Strong Sad: I don't "wiegh" anything. I suppose I'll continue my horrible life...
{Strong Bad enters}
Strong Bad: Whoa, Jackie. I'll have to use one of my bogus mathmatical theorums. We have our top reearchers working on it right now.
{Cut to factory with The Two Kids and Homsar}
Boy: Huh?
Girl: What?
Homsar: Water chestnut...
{Cut back to Strong Bad}
Strong Bad: But I've come up with the "Jacckkk Selbious Theory". When he starred as "Violet" is the Willy Wonka play, his stomach was 185 inches around. Using thew fact that one inch = 1o pound, he weighs... a lot. Maybe we should run him past one of those truck stops.
{Strong Bad gets a fax}
Strong Bad (reading): "Water huh chestnut what" What the crap?

Dear Strong Sad,

Why do you still listen to The Cure? The Cure is so old, they're from the 80's, man. Maybe people would like you more if you liked music that was from, y'know, the real world. Man, I bet you still listen to Joy Division and the Pet Shop Boys or something! What-EVER!

Dear Strong Sad,

First of all, why does Strong Bad keep calling you "Gron Sad"? Secondly, please simplify the following equation: (2x-2)(x+3)+70-8x**3/22x**4.



Dear Strong Sad,

You're the best. After looking in your Fond Rememberances box under your bed I saw some pictures that made it seen as you and your brother, Strong Bad, were friends? Is that true? And also, who is the oldest Brother Strong? The middle? The youngest? Is there a Strong Glad? Do you Strongs have different moms? Who's you dad and/or mom? OK, talk to you later.




Dear Strong Sad,
I adore you. I have a shelf of Strong Sad stuff that I made and I sleep with a strong Sad plush toy that I got for my B-day. I make out with posters of you. I daydream about you. You rock! Do you think that that's creepy?

I'm in L-O-V-E, so love from a Strong Sad Lover