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NOTE: All this is transalated from Pom Pom's native... bubble language.

Email #1- no fingers
Email #2- places
Email #3- origin
Email #4- heartbeats with balloons
Email #5- bubble
Email #6- wallet
Email #7- girlfriend
Email #8- hang out
Email #9- an email someone needs to name
Email #10- bubble 2
Email #11- ladies
Email #12- book
Email #13- 250 bucks
Email #14- DELETED!
Email #15- 15 emails

Pom Pom: In honor of my 15th email, I'll answer 15 of your emails.
Pom Pom: Email's been a-good to me! {reads email}

Dear PomPom
How can you type with no fingers?
(Sorry, I just had to ask that ;-) {Pom Pom: Yeah, you better be sorry!}

Pom Pom: {typing} Sigh! Strong Bad gets the same question all the time but with boxing gloves, and Homestar probably gets a lot like this because he has NO ARMS WHATSOEVER! Next time, try asking questions like "Why are you so hot?" or "Can I be your friend? You are so cool!" Ask the right questions, people. Those questions I wouldn't mind answerin'. You people are so annoying! I mean, I'd rather spend my time playing Jenga with Strong Sad and Homsar. Well, maybe not.
Pom Pom: E-mail get your freshly popped e-mail! {reads email}

Dear PomPom,
Do you ever miss The Isle of Pom, or do you like it better in Free Country?
-- Dark Grapefruit {Pom Pom: Dark Grapefruit? You should be like a super villian or something.}

Pom Pom: {typing but speaking "bubble bubble"} Well, I liked it more in the Isle of Pom because there were more of my lady friends... and there wasn't Homestar. He gets on my nerves like, all the time. And I was the best Pom there, and here... I'm the only Pom. But I'm still the best Pom, right? I mean, who else is going to try out to be the best Pom? Homsar?
Homsar: AaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAa! And I thought I was a big bubble, but you are the only Pom. Weeeeeell bye-te-bye!
Pom Pom: {sighs} Let's just forget that ever happened.
Pom Pom: Gonna gonna cheeeeck mah e-mail!

Dear PomPom,

You seem like an inetelligent being.''{Pom Pom: Oh, why thankyou.} Could you please explain to me the phisiology and origin of your species? You poms just plain baffle me.

Well, see you later!
Marietta, GA

Pom Pom: {typing}Well, actually the origin of the Pom baffles me too. I guess it all started way back when... {email rewinds to the time before Earth} {in the background} Not that far you idiot! {email fast-forwards to the hatching of a pom} There we go. {clears throat} The Pom was a diligent being, hatched from an egg of a Brontosaurus. The Brontosaurus, of course, was strangely pleased with this balloon-like... thing. So it cared for the Pom. The Pom evolved by painting a stripe across its stomach. So... I guess it met another Pom or somethin' like that... and then... they had kids. You know, you should go ask Strong Sad about this stuff. He's the one that wrote the script anyway. And man, his writing STINKS! Oh yeah, and the physiology- I think maybe the Pom is a balloon, with a stripe and arms and legs and a head. Anyway, it doesn't matter 'bout the others Poms. Just me. 'Cause I'm hot.

{How did PomPom talk?} (This text is transalated from his native language. - Pomx2)
Pom Pom: Ol' email's gonna be runnin' up soon. {reads email}

Dear The best Pom, {Pom Pom: Oh! I like this one.}
Why is The Isle of Pom a pill? Sorry but it just doesnt seem possible. And how can your cell phone sink into you if you are a ballon, where does it go?
-- (Psycho Mike)?

Pom Pom: {typing}Well, Psycho dude, to answer your first question... I don't have an answer. I mean, I guess it was just put like that in the video so it could match the heartbeat in the background. And my cell phone is really heavy because of all the ladies' numbers I have. So it just... uh... sinks down in there because of the weight. Yeah.
Pom Pom: Them's a good eatin', emails are.

Yo PomPom! {Pom Pom: Dag, yo.}
Why do you speak in a bubble language? I mean, how does Homestar even understand what you say? Does he have translated ears?

your pal,
Doniphan, Missouri,
Free Country USA

Pom Pom: {typing}Yo dawg! Bubble Language is my native language, so naturally, I speak it. And well, Homestar doesn't even understand me. He just makes it up as he goes along. You know, I could cuss at him and get away with it... {devilish laugh}
{cut to scene with Homestar and Pom Pom by the stick}
This part is not transalated from the Bubble Language because of Pom Pom's foul mouth.
Homestar: Oh, hewwo Pom Pom!
Pom Pom: {bubble bubble}
Homestar: You're my best friend too.
Pom Pom: {bubble bubble}
Homestar: Pom Pom, you're nevew going to get Marzipayan.
Pom Pom: {bubble bubble} {leaves}
{back to computer}
Pom Pom: See, T-Dawg? He just wants to make himself look good.
Pom Pom: Doodooodooodoooo EMAIL! Been good to me!

Dear PomPom,

On your wallet it says your sex is "Pom". That's sorta disturbing.

Marietta, GA

Pom Pom: Yes it is very disturbing. I'm male, okay? Well, I'm just going to erm... skip this email. SKIP'D!
Dear Pom Pom:
Which of your 20-something girlfriends is your best choice? By that I mean, which one is better than the rest?

PomPom: Actually, I have 34 girlfriends, and none are my favorites :) You just can't choose, I mean, because that would lose me some girlfriends. Well, I've already lost a few girlfriends, counting on the fact that I sorta um, have more than one girlfriend...

If you don't believe me, I'll even prove it to you. {calls} Oh Allison! {a young lady with brown curly hair runs down the stairs.}
Allison: Yes, Pom whom I love more than anyone else?
PomPom: Well I don't love you as much as another girlfriend of mine...
Allison: How rude of you! How could you not love me more than anyone else? Goodbye! {with that, she storms out}

PomPom: Okay, Yaanu, I just sacrificed a girlfriend and you are going to pay for it. In cash. No checks.
DPP, (PomPom: Oh, I like that!)

Who would rather hang out with: The KoT, The Poopsmith, or Homestar Runner?

PomPom: Oh, The Poopsmith, definitely! He's actually a pretty cool guy, just he has a crappy job. Heh, I'm starting to sound like SB. You should go email him the same thing, he'll say the Poopsmith fer sure, totally. Now I'm soundin' like one of those 80's dudes.
Dear Pom Pom,
Can Strong Bad understand your bubble language? Or do you just swear at him whenever you feel like it too? (GASP!) {PomPom: Whoa, this person gasp'd.}

PomPom: Well, Gasp, SB actually can understand me. He laughs whenever I swear at Homestaw Wunnew, it's real fun to get him speaking bubble language and us both dissin' Homestar. =D Good times, good times...
(Nelson339 walks in)
Nelson339: I'm doing the email this time, pom-pom couldn't be here. But before you start throwing full wine bottles at your computer screen....
(types pompom_email.exe)
If Homestar can't understand your language, then why come he agreed to your question in the children book? Did you actually ask him that?
Nelson339:HEY! THERES NO NAME HERE! (types in "Strongrad".)
Nelson339: well, S.R. I dont know!
Dear PomPom,
Here's 250 dollars and 36 cents. And a lollypop. Go get another Girlfriend now.
pompom: Thanks.
Dear PomPom,

Some people say that you attract ladies in the Isle of Pom,
but what about outside Isle of Pom?


POMPOM:There's no name and i can't so....DELETED!
Hey pom pom,
Wanna try my lemonade? and how could I become a pom?
A "probaly-a-pom-in-a-human's-body",