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Whoa we have a world record! This has got to be the shortest page yet. Come on people show me a little creative effort here. - Heir_of_Lindeen


Hi, there. :) -- Trenchcoat

From what I see, you seem like a very quiet person.- (StrongBadZone22)?

Hey I'm quiet.........in school.-LimoZeener

-o- I might be quiet, sure... though I think of it more like I only talk when I have something relevant to say. :) But I'm not antisocial, anyway. :)

Me too. I just like to stand back and watch stuff happen and add the occasional comment or opinion. - Heir_of_Lindeen

Wat kind of name is Trenchcoat? You need to get a real awesome name if u want to make it big here, but u, i see no hope. Strongrad

-o- Oh, and here I thought you had to be able to spell out the word y-o-u to make it big. :) Trenchcoat

Actually, Strongrad, it's really just a username. Tom isn't much of a username, but he's an administrator. And Trenchcoat is an awsome name. :)-- FireBird