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== Easter Eggs ==
*At the very end of this you can click on "you guys" to bring up a goofy Cory ND postcard. (Somewhat like the one from vacation)
*At the very end of this you can also click on the words, "Learn How to Speak The Cheat" to get a sample from the LP.

== Fun Facts ==
* The Cheat Phrases and what they mean:
**"Menameh, meNAHmanama" is a phrase The Cheat used to offer to offer Homestar a glass of melonade in A Jumping Jack Contest and apparently means "Hey, Homestar, would you like 147 glasses of melonade?"
**"Menamana, {Sudden drop in pitch} MAHna is the phrase The Cheat use when Homestar (Strong Bad) asked what he thought of The King of Town's pumpkin at the Pumpkin Carve-nival and apparently means "The King of Town is SO lame."
**"ManaMAna?!" is what he says in superhero name before Strong Bad says the cape looks great. It means "What, don't you like this costume?"
**"Humana, (can't make out the rest)" is what he said to Strong Bad in sb_email 22 and means "Check it out, this is going to be great. Just say 'Screw all y'all!'."
*Later on in this email, Strong Bad hits Strong Sad with a keyboard and Strong Sad says, “Douglas.” It’s Mike saying “Douglas,” not Matt. [1]
*Strong Mad finally says "DOUGLAS!" at the end of sibbie. Watch the whole thing then click on the pile driven radio.
*The LP was made by Thorax, also known as Thorax Corporation.
*It's apparently winter at the time Strong Bad answers this email, for it is snowing out the window.
*I don't really know if this is a fun fact, but when Strong Bad types "Hang on a second." and calls "Hey, Strong Sad!", the screen says "Hnag on a second."
*When Strong Bad calls for Strong Mad, while he's talking to him, the screen says, Citizens of Cory!...yadayada. Like the way it was before he called Strong Mad in there.
* On the easter egg, you can see "Greetings from Monkey D" and he also appears on a card in the e-mail, StrongBadEmail/pom pom in an easter egg there. -Sblaka