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"I was trying to write something about the crack on my ceiling, but it seemed a little upbeat for my style."

Strong Sad is a depressing person who happens to resemble an elephant.
He is often the subject of Strong Bad's practical jokes. The only people who tolerate him are Marzipan and Homsar. Once in a while Bubs may say a word to him. Marzipan doesn't really like to invite him to parties, as he gets everyone down. Strong Sad is a bit obsessed with Marzipan, as is shown (or heard) throughout the Answering Machine toons. However, he does have excellent handwriting and is a smart elephant. I mean person. He has an Ipod and loves to play board games. He is a poet too. Here's one of his poems:
Clever I am? Next to no one.
Undiscovered and soggy.
Look up. Look down. They're around.
Probably laughing. Still, bright, watery.
Listed among the top. Ten.
Nine. Late night. Early morn.
Early mourn. Now I sleep.

He has a Blog which he hasn't used for a year or so-ish... StrongSadBlog. Here is his blog profile:

Name: Strong Sad
Email: depressio@homestarrunner.com
AOL IM: depressio111117
Quote: "Each day we die a little more."
Interests: Listening, Books, Listening to books, Calligraphy, Poetry, Safety, Being alone, Arts, Crafts, Arts b/w Crafts
Friends: None

His Halloween costumes over the years have been Gorbachev, Andy Warhol, Vyvyan, and David Byrne.

(Check out some photos of Strong Sad)?

=== Greeting from his Character Tape ===

Strong Sad: I don't wanna do a characters page!
Marzipan: Oh, come on, you can do it!
Strong Sad: I'm not really comfortable talking to a camera.
Marzipan: Just pretend like you're talking to me, or a wall, or a tree, or any of that other stuff that you usually talk to.
Strong Sad: Ohhhhhh! (sighs)My name's Strong Sad and, I have two brothers that like to pummel me every hour, on the hour. I mostly sit in my room, and listen to music, and write, and talk to walls or trees, and wait to be pummeled. I guess I like board games more than most people. And by that I mean I like to play board games more than most people do. But by that I also mean that I like board games more than I like most people. Like this one time, me and Hi-Ho Cherry-O! were playing the game of Life, and I got a phone call from Coach Z or somebody. And, I didn't answer because I was having such a good time with playing this board game, against this other board game...
Marzipan: Okay, I think that's enough, Strong Sad. Okay, okay, I'm turning it off now.
Strong Sad: And it got me thinking, you know? Two lovers...alive...

[Watch his Character Tape]

=== Complete Filmography ===

Debut: In Search of the Yello Dello

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