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If you are reading this I figured out how to create a page.
also, sign my guest book. I just wanna see how many people have viewed this page, I'm so starved for attention.
== FUN Facts about IPADDRESSMAN ==
Favorite Character: Homsar
Favorite Color: Emerald Blue
Favorite animal mystical or other: The Chimera
Favorite British word spelled differently: colour
== Guest Book!!!! ==
#IPADDRESSMAN- dude, cool page!!!!
#Da Bee
#AgentSeethroo - Welcome!
#Hagurumon - Just a suggestion, but you could put the guestbook on a subpage.
#CE1 - Your Fortune: Small fortunes will appear and dissapear without notice.
#bkmlb - I will now assult your mind with subliminal messages : 111 3io549 v496iu84396346834968349068q34333333333333333
#The Brothers E - Bonjour!
#Dark Grapefruit - Emerald blue is the coolest colo(u)r ever. Welcome to the wiki.
#BakkalavaMarzipan - Awesome!! I love English words and their respelling. One of my favorites is favourite!! Hahaha!
#FireBird - Um...lampshades? Carrots? M.C. Kids?