Everybody! Everybody! Welcome to our page! Our names are Chloe and Haley!! Woopah!
We got our name off of the Strong Bad Is In Jail Cartoon. You know, where Marzipan and Strong Sad make Bakkalava. Only, it's spelled differently. Sooo . . . Hello to HomsarLover!

Marzipan is singing

Marzipan and Homestar

Hey guys- this is the funniest Marzipan's answering machine evah! Woopah!

Marzipan's Greeting:
MARZIPAN: Hi guys! Leave me a message, and I'll leave you with an abstract thought. Is a penguin a bird or a duck?

Message 5:
HOMESTAR RUNNER: Okay, so what am I doing here?
STRONG BAD: Step one is to greet the recipient of the prank call.
HOMESTAR RUNNER: Okay, okay, I got it. Ahem. Hey PomPom!
STRONG BAD: {buzzer noise} Wrong! Hang up and start over.

Message 4:
HOMESTAR RUNNER: Oh, hello Marzipan! Okay, what I'm supposed to do now?
STRONG BAD: Step two is where you reveal your fake identity to the prankee.
STRONG BAD: What, no--just make up a name!
HOMESTAR RUNNER: Okay, okay! Hey Marzipan, this is Homestar.
STRONG BAD: {buzzer noise}

Message 3:
HOMESTAR RUNNER: Oh, hello, Marzipan, this is Strong Bad.
STRONG BAD: {buzzer noise}

Message 2:
HOMESTAR RUNNER: Oh, hello, Marzipan, this is... Sugar-face... okay, now what?
STRONG BAD: Well, step three is to continue the prank in a direction determined by your identity... but, uh, you're on your own with Sugar-face.
HOMESTAR RUNNER: Okay. I am a pretend guy that... comes around... and... {singing} gets run over by a lawn-mower blade!
HOMESTAR RUNNER: I chose to end in song!
STRONG BAD: Oh boy... remember how I said this is a six-week course?
HOMESTAR RUNNER: Yeah, I'm excited!
STRONG BAD: Yeah, it turns out it's cancelled.
STRONG BAD: Yeah, it's a shame.
HOMESTAR RUNNER: Oh well. It's still the second-best five hundred bucks I ever spent!

Bio About Chloe:

Favorite Food: Stroganoff
Favorite Color: Pink/Black?
Favorite TV Show: Fairly Oddparents, KND, MAD TV
Canceled TV Show: Invader Zim!!!
Full Name: Chloe Katrina "Kitty" Slone
Zodiac: Pisces
Birth Stone: Aquarmarine
Hair Color: Blonde
Favorite Movie: It changes on a daily basis.
Favorite Book: The Stand By Stephen King
Favorite Tv Shows (Again): The Fairly Oddparents, Invader Zim, Will and Grace, Friends, and other stuff.
Eyes: Blue
Favorite Holiday: My bday- it's all about me
Favorite Day: Saturday
Favorite Magazine: Shonen Jump

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