I'm Jared.



I was introduced to H*R.com around the time the Cheat Talk e-mail came out, and have been a fan ever since.

I found this site a couple of weeks ago on [Google], and am pretty darn impressed.

Weclome to the Wiki!! Feel free to check out my userspace, and WikiFanstuff is pretty good too. A Time Machine Wecloming!!

Jared, I have to say... you do very well on a computer for a baby. Welcome. -- Tom

Holy crap, Tom...That made me laugh so hard I almost spat water all over my monitor...Anywho, welcome to the Wiki, Racer X! ~ AgentSeethroo

Oh, that ol' Tom. -- FireBird

Racer X and Speed Racer! Racer X took out and crashed the car and blamed Speed. I like Speed Racer. I don't have cable. I watched it at my grandma's until they stopped showing it. - Chim-Chim the Monkey

Stop scaring me, CE1. -- FireBird

-- I have never really watched too many episodes of Speed Racer. I pretty much just liked the name Racer X. I used to be really into cartoons though. For example - Animaniacs, Freakazoid, and when I lived in the Dominican Republic, Dragonball Z was insanely popular.