You know you spend too much time on H* when...

  1. You only wear Homestar shirts -CB
  2. You write a school report on H* -CB
  3. You think you can hold things without arms -JOTM
  4. You try to type with boxing gloves on -CB
  5. You wanna be a pom.-Nelson339
  6. You find yourself singing "Everybody" in class. - TC
  7. You knock on doors with your head.
  8. You purposely say your R's as W's. -M'Fox
  9. You never take off your mask and gloves. -M'Fox
  10. You named an empty field after yourself and now "rule" it. -M'fox
  11. You legally changed your last name to "Runner". -M'Fox again
  12. You run around giving people the double deuce all day. -M'Fox
  13. You wore special braces to give yourself an underbite. -M'Fox
  14. You go places only wearing a star shirt and a propeller cap. - TC
  15. You add a propeller to all of your caps. -Nelson339
  16. You take a vow of silence and start shoveling poop. - TC
  17. You have everyone call you the "KoT" or else. - TC
  18. You say everything in drone, loud voice. - TC
  19. You can't end a sentence without sighing. - TC
  20. You invite people to "The Strongest Man in the World" contest. - TC
  21. You start shouting "Aaa!" for no reason at all. - TC
  22. You go around shouting things that make no sense. - TC
  23. You try to get the Yello Dello for someone's birthday. - TC
  24. You form a search party for fhqwhgads. - TC
  25. You put a bag of potates on your hand. -Crap
  26. You name your instrument and talk to it.
  27. Everyone wonders if you wear a body suit or if your body is that color.
  28. At graduation parties/baby showers/marriages, you catch yourself saying "Many combolations, Elizagerth."
  29. You pour Mountain Dew on your computer. -Hagurumon
  30. You use your money on a The Cheat plushie instead of food.
  31. You pour hot soup on someone's eyes.
  32. You put sanka in your brother's orange juice, hoping it would make him say "parakeet". -Hagurumon
  33. You start typing your R's as W's-bkmlb
  34. You say everyone's name ending in "bad"(such as John Bad) -bkmlb
  35. You order your friend to be dunked into poop while you sit there and eat cupcakes.
  36. You took a vow of silence -Homestarball Z
  37. After the vow of silence does not work out, You only speak in Homsar-like quotes. kingofhomsaria
  38. You throw full wine bottles at your computer. -Crap
  39. You do a hip-hop dance on someone's head. -Crap
  40. You make a man out of black popsicle sticks and call him stickley man. -Crap
  41. You need to get some endust. Crap
  42. You start wondering if there really is a goodminton. Crap
  43. You tell somebody to get this freakin' duck away from you. Crap
  44. You talk with your hand. -Crap
  45. You think you can make stuff happen by saying "Toons," "Games," "Characters," "Downloads," "Store," and "E-mail". Crap
  46. You put bombs in peoples mouths. Crap
  47. When these people that have bombs put in their mouths explode, you say "YOUR HEAD A SPLODE" Crap
  48. If a bomb is put on your head, glued on by marshmallows, you run around like crazy trying to get it off, but you can't. And then you explode. -Crap
  49. If you are able to speak after the aforementioned has happened, you say, "WELL, MY HEAD A SPLODE" -Crap
  50. You hire someone to shovel poop for you. -Nelson339
  51. You mispronounce "job". -Nelson339
  52. You claim you were raised by a cup of coffee
  53. You count the years until 20X6 -Dark Grapefruit
  54. You talk to your computer -Dark Grapefruit
  55. You try to get people to say their name backwards so they will give you a free lunch --Dark Grapefruit
  56. You think the future will be like an anime, and the past was like an old movie. -Nelson339
  57. You amputate your arms, take out the pigment in your skin to make you chalk white, surgically get an underbite, shave your head, wear a propeller cap, and refuse to wear pants. -DaerenRyft
  58. When you hear another incident on fire over the news, you tell your parents "Trogdor did it!" -BurninatorBoombox
  59. If you are a shepherd and your sheep have gone missing, you say "Doo hoo hoo! My sheep are missing!" -BurninatorBoombox
  60. You claim that the Gravy Train Express exists. -BurninatorBoombox
  61. You sing E-mail raps each time you are about to check your inbox for new e-mail. -BurninatorBoombox
  62. You try to build a concession stand that is similar to Bubs' -BurninatorBoombox
  63. You think Trogdor can beat Godzilla. -BurninatorBoombox
  64. You set up a MELONADE Stand. -BurninatorBoombox
  65. You refuse to eat a veggieburger because it has a face. -Ingiald
  66. You ACUALLY call 555-555585-555-SENOR-MORTGAGE-TODAY and 1-555-SBSINGS -No Loafing
  67. You make your own inside jokes page based on the one on the wiki.
  68. You find yourself singing "Everybody to the Limit" and "Homestar Runner Theme Song" in your classroom.


What is "you want to be a pom" supposed to mean? - FireBird
If you like pom pom too much u might wann be a pom. -same person who wrote that

Um... no offense, but you need an English lesson. This is what it should have read:
If you like PomPom so much you might want to be a Pom. - Same person who wrote that
But anyways, I get it. - FireBird

Am I allowed to add stuff? Just asking so I don't get in trouble if I add something but am not allowed. -Shopiom
Anyone is alowed to add to this list. ~CB

I wanna be a pom. -M'fox

This thing is awesome. I love these types of stuffs. -Hagurumon

I do some of these things namely the HR and SB accents and randomly shouting DaAaAaAaA-Homestarball Z