Greetings, fellow wikians. I am an average joe by day, but by night, i am the superhero Daeren Ryft!! Mweheehehehe! Ok, sorry about that. Anywho, just call me Daeren or DR. I'm new to wikis so i could use a bit of advice and stuff. I love H*R, but SB and The Cheat are my favorite characters. I am currently working on some fanstuff that i will put up soon. Here's whats in the works;

-Breath of Fire 4 ripoff with H*R characters
>Homestar will be Ryu
>Strong Bad will be Fou-Lu
>Marzipan will be Nina
>The Cheat will be Ershin
>Pom Pom will be Cray
>Coach Z will be Scias
>Strong Mad will be Khan
>Homsar will be Yom
>The KOT will be the Emperor
>The Poopsmith will be the Imperial Soldiers
>Bubs will be Marlok
>Strong Sad will be Bunyan
>All other characters in game will be themselves