Strong Bad plays a prank on Homestar that leaves him stuck on a desert island for 7 months. When he comes back, he witnesses the StrongBadia-MedivalPlace war.

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This is one weird fanfic. 0_o And it doesn't really have anything to do with the prank anymore. --Dark Grapefruit

Do you know how to change the name of it? -CE5

No. If I need to change the name of a page, I just copy everything onto a new page with the title I want and delete the old page. --DG

Thanks, Another Fan for the picture.

Hey i though you said it would be more normal from now on. Strong bad going into pompom's chest and doing techo on a canceled character is not what most people see as normal.
Your Buddy,
Another Fan

Sorry. I guess I forgot about saying that. Besides, this is Strong Bad's most random email he's answering here. -CE5

Thats better with homeschool.I like him but don't make hi be mean, weird or something like that.Pomx2 already changed the way I see pompom because of the his FAKE emails.
Another Fan

That part about Strongsad solving the puzzle is a rippoff of Yu-Gi-Oh

No really? I never would have guessed. ^_~

I would have made it even more of a ripoff by actually giving him magical powers, but that would be stupid.

Hey, make it less of a ripoff of army.Create your on stuff I know you can.Make it a reference not complete ripoff.;_;Please.
Your buddy,

Done. For the record, "You're" is the possesive form of "You", "on" should be replaced with "own", and there is two spaces between a period and the following word. -CE5

How do you write like homestar on day 1 wrote? What letters do you capitalize and what ones don't you capitalize?
-- Agent9

I just randomly choose which letters to capitalize and to not capitalize. -CE5 see you took too long to answer so I just did the same thing on some of my files --AgentNine

In case you're wondering, the reason I raised Homestar's IQ by 10 is that I thought that 50 or below is mentally retarded, but it's really 60 and below, and I wanted to make Homestar just above being retarded. -CE5

Also, I am going to continue writing in a little bit. I have finnaly thought of a clear way to do this. -CE5

If you want to change the title, just go to the WikiFanStuff page and change it to ((/The Perfect Prank|Strong Bad's Demise)) or whatever you want to call it. -Shopiom

So, what does everyone think of the latest revision? -Ingiald

please give me pictures of characters or at least tell me who the heck is weilder and johnny? (i printed out the population that was on the stop sign n_n)- duders307

I'm not the original author, but I think that they're The Poopsmith and The Blacksmith, since they're no longer working for the King. -Ingiald