Week of April 26, 2004
Quote of this week
Shinin' up a chicken in the mornin', mornin'...
New StrongBadEmail
There is a new email where Strong Bad makes Bubs say "Sbu".Also Stlong Mad got a email address.

Week of April 20, 2004

Quote of this week
"It's such a lovely gathering of pies and pie people, I would like to give a shout out to lemon potato over there"
New StrongBadEmail
This week, Strong Bad made a new email. Kyle asked what kind of car Strong Bad had and then Homestar got punched in the face.
Star Watch
Is there anything cooler then clay figures? Dragons for one. So what could be cooler then a clay dragon figure... Nothing, that's what!
Interesting Facts
In the new email, the floppy disk in Strong Bad's disk says Ug-limpics. Despite the fact that usually they just change the name of the floppy, in this one they add it to the usual 4 disks in the case. HomeschoolDJ- The Fact Finder.

Week of April 7, 2004

Quote of this week
"Oh yeah, The Cheat, he's a... striped, green rabbit! With two butts!"
New Toon powered by The Cheat!
This week, The Cheat made a cartoon about himself getting new boots. Strong Bad doesn't think it's very accurate, as it portrays him with purple boxing gloves and has his underwears showing. He still reward The Cheat, though.
Weekly Easter Egg report
The Cheat's new cartoon features 2 easter eggs: Himself as a ... um, see for yourself and a lockhorns-style The Cheat!
Star Watch
This new cartoon also features Coach Z as a rapper, with his new song, "Give Me a Chance"
More Star Watch
There is also Nebulon the alien-twice! In space and on a graffiti wall, but no one likes his style.

Week of March 28, 2004

Quote(s) of this week
"Hey, Stickley Man!!! Whaaaat are you doooing?" and "dot dot dot"
A NEW TOON!!! Or is it???
??? make sure your cache is cleared.
April Fool's 2004
In the week of April first, the H*R site has compiled for us an all-new April Fool's day gag including a guest appearance by Stinkoman, 20X6 Homestar and Pan Pan, and a new character called Sticky Man!!
Weekly Easter Egg Report
Wowza! This week had an AMAZING easter egg! A classic battle between good and evil, resulting in the one thing more powerful than greed: ye pudding. This outstanding easter egg deserves a whopping 11/10!!!!!
-Lord Karkon, Easter Egg Reporter
Star Watch
This weeks star watch is the Stickly Man! An evil stick figure with his shovel weapon? Can Stinkoman stop him!?!?!?!?!? - FireBird

Week of March 21, 2004

Quote of this week
"You sold me out, you sold me out!!!"
Oh No!!! What happens when Strong Bad and the Cheat's plans don't go as planned. Hilarity (and Jailarity) ensue. Turn to page 7 for details
Weekly Star Watch by FireBird
The star watch has been cancled for this week.
Weekly Easter Egg Report
This week, there were only 2 easter eggs. Listen in as Professor Tor Coolguy warns Marzipan of doom, and Homestar's new job at the crowd control/victim-suspect connections office. Lord Karkon, easter egg reporter, rates these easter eggs an 8/10.
April Fool's 2004
In the week of April first, the H*R site has compiled for us an all-new April Fool's day gag including a guest appearance by Stinkoman, 20X6 Homestar and Pan Pan, and a new character called Sticky Man!!

Week of 14th March, 2004

Quote of this week
"You see, 3 is clearly a smaller number than a million."
Strong Bad's One Hundredth Email
After ninety-nine previous performances in front of the computer, our Strong Bad proceeds to answer his one hundredth email, which inquires of him how and when he and Homestar Runner met. So, after widening his screen, Strong Bad sits us down for the epic tale of eggs, footraces, and a King of Town who even at a young age had white hair! This such cartoon is drawn to the adorable, simple style of the original book and sketch-drawings. In conclusion, Strong Bad looked so CUTE in this little story!!!!!
Weekly Easter Egg Report
A bridge from 1936 to today; Homestar Runner's new wardrobe; A reason for the KoT's obesity; The return of 3-D Vector Strong Bad -- These and much more are easter eggs hidden in this week's newest installments. Aren't they reason enough to watch the new email and answering machine? Lord Karkon, easter egg reporter, rates these easter eggs a 10/10!
Weekly Star Watch by FireBird
This weeks star watch features Limozeen, in an easter egg after Strong Bads new e-mail. They give Strong Bad congratulations on his 100th email. We haven't seen much of Limozeen lately, so this is a great thing to watch.
The Scroll Buttons by The Brothers E
With the Hundredth Strong Bad Email came a new Scroll Buttons rap. Strong Bad wants us to know that he really loves his Scroll Buttons.

Week of 7th March, 2004

Quote of this week
"Oh, hello, Marzipan, this is Strong Bad." {beep}
New Marzipan's Answering Machine!
Marzipan's Answering Machine 10.2 features the voices of Marzipan(of course), Strong Sad, Strong Bad, and Homestar Runner. Strong Sad invites Maripan to come over to watch a movie, but it turns out he doesn't have the movie at all! Strong Bad tries to teach Homestar Runner how to prank phone call for $500, but it doesn't work out. Check out the two easter eggs! Go to MarzipansAnsweringMachine/Version 10.2 for more details!

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