Comments of "The Fellowship of The Star"

Heh. I wish I had thought of this. -M'fox

They need to have their personalities, I couldn't tell that was supposed to be Strong Sad if I didn't know-- JestersOfTheMoon

Yeah, I am going to make Strong Sad a little more whimpy as the story develops. I realize he is to confident. Expescialy the "Dont tempt me!" pary. Oh well.

Is this supposed to be like the movie or the book? - Heir_of_Lindeen

Kind of both. I am going to tweak it a little (characters names+personality, etc.) - FireBird

I like it. ASnd I'm not mad that SS is Gandalf. ^_^ But Strong Mad as Legolas? The two could not be more opposite.

Yeah, I'm gonna switch him and the cheat. I'm glad you like it. I thought alot of people would hate it. You know how people are. "Ohh, you cant do that, it's against copyright!" To critical and what-not. - FireBird

It's great I give it 4 stars!- Diva840, no job

It's awesome! But I wish I knew something about Lord of the Rings so I could understand the mockery (if there is any). -princess

Thank You both. - FireBird

Good jorb!! Agent

Thanks. I realize now that this is going to be incredibly long. - FireBird

I goto read the book.-Another Fan

Which one? The Fellowship of the Ring, or fellowship of the Star? - F-Bird


Good story, but one error in relation to the book: Islidur didn't cut Sauron's head off, he cut the finger bearing the ring off, thus causing Sauron to lose all of his power. Besides some grammar and spelling mistakes, it's a very greatly written story. - SomePerson

Thanks. I know he cut off his finger. But I just wanted to tweak it a little and cut off his head. Since the first movie and book didn't have much sword fighting, I wanted to do something like that. - Firebird

Well I think it is to much like the movie and harldy reflects on the personalities of the H*R characters at all. It basically follows the same plot as the movie, which was a great movie but it is still nothing like the book. I actaully am kinda mad you made Strong Sad Gandalf becuase he would make a way better Gollum than anything. - Heir_of_Lindeen

I'm sorry you feel that way. I guess there is always someone who dosen't like it, or something like that. Anyways, I predicted somebody would be mad for me making Strong Sad gandalf, but, Strong Sad had to be someone . I thought about making Coach Z Gandalf, but I really thought he and Bubs should be together, just like Merry and Pip.
I realize that I am not making the characters reflect their own personalities. I am going to try alot harder to do that.
I have read the book, and I like how Peter Jackson made the book. I would if I had more characters, but I don't have enough to make Tom Bombadill. I would, though. But I did put the Old Forest in it, which is not in the movie.
So, I'm sorry you don't like it. Oh well. I got alot of other people who do. (Not being rude or anything) (And I don't really think Strong Sad would be a good Gollum. Strong Sad isn't really good as anyone.)-

Two invisable thumbs up. Strongrad

So many good reviews... thanks. - FireBird

I did not say he would make a good Gollum, but it would fit his personality more than Gandalf. - Heir_of_Lindeen

Oh. Is anybody actually reading the book? It's so long and all...- FireBird

I have read the book like 5 times and I thought about doing a Homestar version, but didn't because there are just so many characters in The Lord of the Rings I considered it impossible. - Heir_of_Lindeen

I have done the impossible. Is anybody reading my version?- FireBird

I've been writing my own homestar-LOTR thing for a while (I'm such a geek!), and I got the idea before you added this story. Is it ok with you if I add my own version? It's told in a different way, and some of the homestar characters are different people. (For example, Strong Bad is Boromir, which I think fits his personality better than Aragorn.) Queen Of Town

Well, I really rather you not. I just think it might confuse people, and if people like yours better, they would lose interest in mine. Sorry. And how do you know when I created this book? - FireBird (Sorry again, I may change my mind, though, so don't lose all hope!)

Ok. Queen Of Town