Welcome to me! Lord! Pikachon! Lord Pikachon. Well, uh,, I have nothing much to put here. So...okay.
homsar.gif homsar.gif My fav. character is Homsar. I like him so much, I put two of these here.
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Hi, Lord Pikachon! I'm CE1! - CE1

I have two requests, Lord Pikachon. Before you edit rejects and make someone a "un-reject", ask someone first.
The second request is can you stop putting "See you in {explitive baleeted}, Lord Pikachon" on the emails? - CE1

Sounds like trolling to me...how many times has he put that on the wiki?? ~ AgentSeethroo

In about 2 of those WikiFanStuff emails things. Like so on here.
Scroll to the bottom and you'll see:

Dear Stupid,
You are an evil Saddam-like dictator. You employ poor immigrant workers(you can't fool me;I know the Poopsmith is black) and pay them jack squat, and you gorge yourself until there is no more food for your servents who do these stupid tasks for you for no reason. You suck.
See you in Hell,
Somebody who knows your deepest, darkest secrets

I'm personally freaked out, though. - CE1

Then there's this on Sir Strong Bad emails:

Dear Sir Strong Bad,
I come from the distant future, 2004 to be exact, where the telegramaphone has been replaced by email. It is mail sent through the internet, which is a program on the computer, which can be used for many things.
See you in Hell,
Lord Pikachon.
PS:There are no flying cars.

Why does he put those four words so much? - CE1

Well, geeze, if you hate it so much, I'll stop.