Hi-I'm Aaron. (Also known as Andrew Light-Not my real name FYI, or sometimes James, Jim, Jimmy..etc.) I found this place by accident. I was looking for Homestar Runner Sounds to download, but I found this instead. I looked around it and it told me about loads of Homestar Easter Eggs I didn't even know about!

I joined this place in hope that I can somehow pay back people for the gift they gave me. (And I think I've Done That.)

Oh-I am not Aaron C who sent in the StrongBadEmail/super powers in case you were wondering.

See ya!

My "Work"
A Jorb Well Done TranScript?.
StrongBadEmail/your friends/TranScript

Fave Quotes
Homestar Runner-"Butt Dance! Butt Dance!"
Coach Z-"I'm Taking a Leak!"
Strong Bad-"Here I am beating up kind sort of...Mash Potato Man..." and "If I saw that thing running around my back yard, I'll get out the compound Bow."
Strong Sad-"I feel Great! I feel Great!"
Marzipan-"Homestar, I'm breaking up with you." (It's the moment that amuses me.)
Bubs-"This will grow ya some nice Fishcorn bushes!"
The King of Town-"I still drinks it!"

Fave Moment
"Hey Thnikkaman!"
"Hey Kid!"
"Can we have some?"
"Yeah. Ok."
"Wow! Thanks Thnikkaman!"
"Yeah. Shut up Kid."

Hi Aaron. I just read your transcript for A Jorb Well Done. Nice work. I just wanted to point you at the TranscriptionStandards page, which is a discussion about how to make all transcripts on the site look consistent. If you go to my userpage (InterruptorJones), you can see a few links to the transcripts I've done in the "standard" style.

Also, please fill out the "Summary of change" field when you make changes or add to a Wiki page. I know it's easy to forget, but it makes browsing the RecentChanges page a lot easier for the rest of us. Thanks -- InterruptorJones

I thought Strong Mad says "DID YOU JUST SAY PARAKEET?"--Shaon