This is a big blowoff of "Mortal Kombat", one of the best ever fighting games. The charactors are as listed:

Homestar: Fast Character. Kicks are main attacks. Special: "Home Star Run Go". Speeds up himself. If he has full MP, it will also slow down the opponent. He has the fastest speed in the game. Battle Cry: Let's do this like Brutis. Winning Cry: Seriously, Pom Pom, I totaly won. Losing Cry: This does not look good for Homestar Runner.

Strong Bad: Power Character. Punches and the blue diamond are main attacks. Special: "Double Deuce". Double deuces opponent, causing them to lose a lot of HP. If he has full MP, the opponent will also be hit with the Tandy 400. He has the second highest attack in the game. Battle Cry: C'mon, lets get this over with, you crap for brains. Winning Cry: Guess who's awesomer than you! Losing Cry: You set me up! You set me up! Hey, player [the player's #], tell them he set you up.

Pom Pom: Jumping Character. Main attacks are air-to-ground (falling on enemy) attacks. Special: "Pom Pilot". Pom pilot will supercharge all attacks he makes. If he has full MP, he will instead take out his cell phone, which will stop the opponent dead in his/her tracks. Best height in the game. I think that you can guess all of his cries.

Strong Mad: Power Character. Main attacks are punches. Special: "Blind Bull Rush". The Cheat puts a blindfold on him, and he charges madly at the enemy. If mp is full, turns around and charges back afterward. Battle Cry: DAAAA! Winning Cry: I WIN! Losing Cry: REVENGE!

Homsar: Condition Character. Main attack throws hat. Special:"Pride of peaches". Throws one random object the enemy causeing them to become confused(causes to go in opposite direction), poison (lose hp after time), upside down(causes enemy to walk on ceiling)If full mp screen turns white and enemy loses half of its hp. Random attack and defense. Battle Cry: Strength comes in comes in numbers! Winning cry: I'm the best cow here! Losing cry: AaAaAaAa?
(Created by Another Fan )

Poopsmith: All-Around Character. Main attack hits with shovel. Special: "You-Know-What". A bunch of you-know-what falls on the enemy. If mp is full, enemy slows down. Battle Cry: (shovels crap) Winning Cry: (buries loser in crap) Losing Cry: (picks up shovel)

Stinkoman: Secret Speed Character. Main attacks are punches and elaborate kicks. Also eneerrgy blasts. Special: "Double Deuce". He jump back, deucing the enemy. If mp is full, he then charges forward and does the Gaiden thing. Battle Cry: Are you asking for a challenge? Winning Cry: You weren't much of a challenge. Losing Cry: Aaah! My eye!

1936 Homestar: Super-secret Charachter. Main attacks are spitballs and the can he kicks around. Special attack: "SCENE MISSING" That scene missing thing from parsnips-a-plenty gets on the screen. when it gets off, the emeny will lose HP. If MP is full, the emeny loses More HP, and loses MP to! Beat the game with stinkoman to get him. Battle cry: What?
Winning Cry: Now I'm gonna do a dance.(does that dance he does.) Losing cry: Go soak your fat head. (created by Nelson339)

The Cheat: A event that happens in levels. The cheat appears and either steals the mp bar (which means the player who he steals from can't do specials.),turns off lights(the cheat in lowered from top of screen presses remotes screen goes dark, then lights turn on the amout of hp is switched), run past you( the cheats run across he field with spear from interview a hurt who he touches without stopping.
(Created by Another Fan )

Coach Z: Speed Character. Main attacks are slaps and kicks. Special: "Hip-Hop Dance". He glides in and spins, repeatedly hitting the target. If mp is full, he then blows his whistle and sends the enemy flying back. Battle Cry: Okay, er, let's get started. Winning Cry: That's whatcha get for tryin' to jank me! Losing Cry: I don't wanna die! (Created by RaisedByACupOfCoffee )

Strong Sad: All-around Character. Main attacks are just punches and kicks. Special: "Tai". Does Tai dance thing untill enemy is hymotyzed. Then runs over and kicks and punches to the ground. Battle Cry: Why am I doing this? Winning Cry: I-I-I did it. I won! Losing Cry: Oohh... guess I'll go prepare for the beating of my life. Sigh .
(Created by FireBird)

Marzipan: Weapon Character. Weapons used are: Carol, Tofu, A Goat, Protest Signs, Frank Benedetto, and Trivia Time Cookie Jar. Other Attacks are Skirt-Swirl and Invisible Slap. If mp is full, Marzi will do a Broom-But. Battle Cry: Yeah Yeah!! Oh Yeah!! Winning Cry: See, If you don't eat tofu, you'll NEVER win. Losing Cry: YOU stupid MEAT eater!!
(Done By hehehomestar)

Bubs: Power Character. Main attacks are punches and jump-kicks. Special: "Disco Tech Days". A powerful spin attack that might leave Bubs dizzy and stunned. If his mp is full, this won't happen, and he'll become the Thnikkaman briefly after the attack, stunning the opponent. Battle Cry: Don't you talk to me! Winning Cry: I feel so fine, I feel so elated... Losing Cry: Dag! What happened? (Created by RaisedByACupOfCoffee)

King of Town: Joke character (much like Dan Hibiki). Main attacks would be punches and throws if he had enough strength to grab the enemy. Weakest, slowest character in the game. Only saving grace is his special. Special: "Help!" The Blacksmith drives a tank into the room and fires a very damaging shot at the enemy. If mp is full, the little chef dude jumps down and throws his knife as well. Battle Cry: Doo-hoo! Winning Cry: Show some respect to royalty! Losing Cry: My life is a joke. (Created by RaisedByACupOfCoffee)

Trogdor: The Final Boss, not unlockable. Attacks with bites, a headbutt attack, and stomping. Special: "Burnination". Self-explanitory, he breathes fire. The fire lasts longer if he has more mp. All three of his cries are Strong Bad's voiceover. Battle Cry: TROGDOR! Winning Cry: (Trogdor projects rays of majesty)The Trogdor comes in the NIIIGGGGGHHHTTTT! Losing Cry: (Trogdor is "sworded") Trogdor... how could this happen to you? (Created by RaisedByACupOfCoffee)

(Unless otherwise noted, music by RaisedByACupOfCoffee)

The Locker room: A cluttered stage with high The Cheat attacks. You can smash or knock down the lockers and occasionally get hurt by gym clothes or healed by old stinky food in the lockers.

KoT's Castle: A very large place with average The Cheat attacks. You can fling food at opponents or eat the food, which heals you depending on what kind of food it is. You can lift and throw the Typing Tutor game for heavy damage.
Music: KoT Fanfare (from the King of Town DVD), extended version

StrongBadia: With no The Cheat attacks at all, StrongBadia is quite small. If you touch the tire, you will get shocked, and the bear holding the shark will occasionally pop up.
Music: Strongbadia National Anthem, instrumental version

1936 stage:Here you have to fight Sir Strong Bad Or The Homestar Runner if you're Strong Bad. You also have to be the 1936 version of your charachter. click here for more infoGet parsnips for health. Watch out for movie-mess-ups or you will lose heath. Instead of The Cheat attacks there are The Sneak attacks. Average The Sneak attacks.
Music: Ballad of the sneak, extended version.

The Stick: A relatively calm, quiet level, with few The Cheat attacks. If you look closely in the background, Creepy Comb-over Strong Bad occasionally rises from the bushes. - (Created by RaisedByACupOfCoffee)
Music: Quiet strings theme, slightly resembling a slowed-down version of Home Star Run Go

CGNU - The CGNU Football field, find footballs for health. High The Cheat attacks.
Music: CGNU fight song, extended instrumental

The Wrestling Ring: Smaller than the other levels, it has a high rate of The Cheat attacks. Marshmellows get tossed into the ring from time to time, replenishing the health of a character that touches them. Once in a while, the crowd will boo and hurl damaging trash. - (Created by RaisedByACupOfCoffee)
Music: Music from Marshmellow's Last Stand

The Halloween Field - Dark, spooky, and low on The Cheat attacks. The Goblin will occasionally pop up from underground, sending any player above him into the air. A motorized pumpkin will occasionally dart across the field and knock players down. (Created by RaisedByACupOfCoffee)
Music: Halloween music, extended version

The Isle of Pom - An island stage, run around the outskirts of the island. Average The Cheat attacks.
Music: Ukulele music from The Luau, extended version

The Mooooooooon - The Moon. Never-ending stage (no boundarys), just run around and kill people. Kill a certain amout of people to advance to Hard Drive. High The Cheat attacks with alot of enemys running around. You can hardly move without running into someone.

Hard Drive - The second-to-last stage, it's inside The Cheat's computer. Once you're here, you battle a Cheatizised version of your character (except for Homsar, who fights himself, and Stinko Man, who fights 20X6 Marzipan (Chun-Li style)). High on The Cheat attacks. (Created by RaisedByACupOfCoffee)
Music: Sweet Cuppin' Cakes music, extended remix

The Village - The final stage, there are no The Cheat attacks. You battle Trogdor here. Peasants run around and can be squished for health. Knights occasionally dash across the screen, and must be jumped to avoid taking damage. The archer occasionally fires an arrow, forcing you to duck or get hit. (Created by RaisedByACupOfCoffee)
Music: Trogdor!, hard rock instrumental remix

I'll finish when I have more time.

Hey, can I post some ideas? I'm full of 'em. -M'fox

Sure --Lord Karkon

Hey, can i make my own version, only its a ripoff of Super Smash Bros Melee-S Song

Hey! Crap! SSBros. Melee RULES! - Trogdors Minion

Hey don't delete my name i want some recagnition.

Hrm, looks like if i get permission, i could make this game along with Homestar Kart! --dog

Your forgeting these Šopyright things again, dawgg. Remember. - FB

Can I make some levels? - FireBird

I bet I could think of what most people would look like. Strongbad would look like a cross between Kano(head) and Mortal Kombat 3 Shang Tsung(everything else). This is a cool idea. We need more stuff like this! -Yo dad!

This is cool, but The Cheat and 20X6 Marzipan should be playable. - Kunai

Well, The Cheat doesn't really lend himself to combat, and we don't know enough abut 20X6 Marzipan to work with her. - RaisedByACupOfCoffee

There should be a 20X6 stage with no cheat attacks, but Cheatachu attacks. In the 20X6 place, all characters would be 20X6 style. (KoT could be stronger for once) Think about it, Sticklyman would slaughter everyone.-Yo dad!

What about a 20X6 stage?-gunhaver