A Take-off Of The Harry Potter Series


Harry Potter- Homestar

Ron- Pom Pom

Hermione- Marzipan

Malfoy- The Cheat

Snape- Strong Bad

Hagrid- Strong Mad

Dumbledore- Coach Z

Dudly- Strong Sad

Siruis Black- Homeschool

Neville- Homsar

Voldemort- Stinkoman

Poopsmith- Mr. Filch

Bubs- Prof. Mcgonogol(sorry bout the spelling)

Strong Dad- Uncle Vernin

Strong Glad- Aunt Petunia

Lub Lub(another Pom)- Fred

Glub Glub(")- George

Blob Blob(")- Percy

Fat Dudly- Arthur Weasly

Lucius Malfuy- Dijery Doo

The Goblin- Gringots Goblins


/The Sorceror's Tone

Once i finish writing it, ill add more detail Strongrad

Would I need to know anything about Harry Potter to understand this story? -The Bird in Flames

Cool. These crossover things seem to be really popular. Seeing it as "Sorcerer's Stone" still freaks me out.

I am guessing yes, since I don't really understand the book. No offinse or anything. - FireBird

Are you basing this on the book, or the movie? Some of those characters aren't in the first book, entitled Sorcerer's Stone. (Yes, there was a book.) -CE5

DDDDUUUHHHHH there's a book. You think im stupid? Im writing the charactors that ive decided upon. There not all gonna be in the first one. Strongrad

I'm not implying that you're stupid, (I'm also not implying that you're not). I said that because when a movie is made based on a book, many people forget about the book and associate the story with the movie. This is usually because a lot of people don't know about the book and also the people who make the movie don't give credit where credit is due. Anyway, the movie usually lacks important parts of the story that were in the book and also destroys the image people who actually read the book had because you can clearly see and hear everything. This leads to a breakdown of creativity. I now end my rant.

Also, are all of those spelling errors on purose? (nuu?) -CE5

Dude, what the heck is your problem? Youre NOT alowed to add something to someone else's story. Strongrad, who suggests you get off his turf

Well, YOU'RE not editing it. -- The person you hate the most

Oh, you weren't adding to it, and I thought you had quit. I don't really care that you cleared my adding. It wasn't that good, anyway. The guy who tried to take over your story

Its alright, but I needed a break, now im back. Strongrad

Who the plays Dudly, just wondering - Da Bee

Strong Sad. Did anyone here see the third movie?-Shopiom

Yes. It wasn't as good as the others though - Da Bee
Also, Dijjery Doo is Lucius Malfoy, but he is also the defence against the dark arts teacher, who is someone else!