Ideas for Death Matches

Strong Mad vs. the tire! Revenge! Vengeance! Vengefulness! --DG

Revengancefulness! -Crap

Homsar vs. Homestar in the Armless Cup!! Strongrad

How about Strong Sad vs. The Cheat? Like in the cartoon 'The Interview'. Jack Selby

The rejects cup! The ungaraits vs Homeschool winner!

The antiathletic cup, with Strong Sad and the King of Town! - C

The Space/Time Title Challenge: Stinkoman VS. Sir Strong Bad! - RaisedByACupOfCoffee

This Time, It's Not About The Pudding: Sticklyman-Stinkoman II! - "Douglas"

The Cheat and The Sneak VS The Dijerydoo and an Ungrait!- Kunai