This is where you ask a question about H* and a stupid answer will be made up.

Example: Q:How does Homestar pick up things without arms?
A:He has telekinetic powers!

Another example: Q:Why does The Cheat have a gold tooth?
A: He painted it gold one day!

Question 1 by Crap: Q: How does Strong Bad type with boxing gloves on?
A: He takes his boxing gloves off when no one's looking, then types!

Question 2 by FireBird : Q: Why would Marzipan want to date Homestar?
A: She wants to lift up his shirt!

Question 3 by William S.: Q: Where did Homestar get his cool star shirt?
A: He got it from some pink starfish guy in a TV show who didn't want it because there were no sleeves in it. This may explain why Patrick doesn't wear a shirt...

Question 4 from CE5:: Q: Is Coach Z's skin green or is he wearing a green body suit?
A: That's a good question. He-
Coach Z: Hey, Shorpiom, I heard you've been tryin' to fade me around this wiki.
Shopiom: No, I haven't.
Coach Z: Oh. Ok. Bye.
Shopiom: Bye. Anyways, thanks to all the people on this website who contribute to "Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer!"

Question 5 from Yaanu:: Who peoples try to fade Z?
A: Homestar and Marshie!

Question 6 from William S.: Q: How do you fade someone?
A: You make the screen fade on them!

Question 7 by Crap: Q: Why doesn't SB have any good video games?
A: He's too cheap to get any decent games!

Question 8 from AgentNine:Why does everyone want to fade Coach Z?
A:They're freakin' fanatics.

Question 9 from Crap: Q: Why is The goblin green?
A:He used to be the villain in Spider-Man, then he moved to Homestar Runner!

Question 10 from bkmlb: Why does Pom Pom absorb things?
A:He likes to eat his cell phone.

Question 11 from Crap: Why did Homestar substitute for SB?
A:Everyone else was either at Fish Lake or Foreign Leadership Camp!

Question 12 from Yaanu again: Why the crap are you doing (pronounced like 'boing') this?
A:I felt like it.

Question 13 from Crap [who got the lucky number{which is 13}]: What flavor and why does Homestar spit all over the place (of teddy grahms<sp)?
A: The flavor is rotten liver and um, I think you know why he spits them out now...

Question 14 from Crap: Why does Strong Sad's song (from an easter egg in the SB email "ghosts" ) crash my browser?
A: When you're the master of time and space, you can't help but make some computers 404'd...

Question 15 from Ace101: What happened to Homestar's arms?
A: The Guy With the Big Knife cut them off!

Question 16 from Ace101: Does Strong Sad enjoy being antisocial?
A: Why do you think he's sad?

Question 17 from Ace101: What's a Dumple?
A: A dumpling with an le baked into it!

Question 18 from Ace101: Why won't The Cheat make a video for my band?
A: You guys suck!

Question 19 from Ace101: Why does Strong Bad talk in a Mexican accent and his brothers speak in American?
A: He was adopted from Mexico!

Question 20 from Ace101: What does "Pshoo!" from Homsar's character Video mean?
A: Pee-shoe, which means he peed in his shoe. :p

Question 21 from Ace101: Why did the KOT hire the Poopsmith?
A: He was too lazy to crap in the toilet!

Question 22 from Ace101: Can Bubs really fly?
A: Not after Strong Bad made him say "Sbu!"

Question 23 from Ace101: If so, does he have any other powers?
A: He can turn into the Thnikkaman!

Question 24 from Crap: Why does Bubs have a green stripe on his body?
A: He glued a big, green Airhead onto his waist!

Question 25 from Crap: What does Trogdor do other than burninate stuff?
A: Star in his own video game!

Question 26 from Crap: Why does Strong Bad mention my name so much?
A: You're his idol!

Question 27 from Crap: What's Strong Bad's favorite baseball team called?
A: The Mets!

Question 28 from Crap: The Cheat gnawed my face off. What should I do?
A: Buy a new face from Bubs' Concession Stand!

Question 29 from ctao: What happens when you poke Pom-Pom with a pin?
A: He beats the snot out of you!

Question 30 from Craz: What are the cards (other than Abdis, Viklases, and Monkeydudes,) in Email poker?
A:Sibbie, Trevor, Silent J, and Mark!

Question 31 from Crup: What flavour is the Airhead glued to Bubs' waist?
A: Green apple! Why else would it be green?

Question 32 and 33 from Ceap: Then why is it so dark? And it could be Lime, right?
A: There's a lime flavored Airhead?

I was thinking of switching #7 with #9. -Crap

14 (I think) should be:
Question 14 from Crap: Why does Strong Sad's song (from an easter egg in the SB email "ghosts" ) crash my browser?
A: It scares your computer.

Otherwise, it's a smart answer. - CE1