Hi! I'm StrongSar, AKA the "Afore-mencioned girl" in TheCheatIsNotDead's user lookup. I'm new... and I like strong bad and homsar best. And this was all typed by TheCheatIsNotDead because I'm 1 of her Best Friends.

Yes it was.... My favorite SB emails are Sibbie and Dragon. I think Homestar is cute!! I think Strong Sad needs to get a life though.. I know pretty much all of the Easter eggs in the SB emails, so if you have a question, ask me!! I am very good at the voices except for Bubs and Da KOT.. have any of you played the cupcake game?? I love it!! But i'm really bad, TheCheatIsNotDead is awesome at it!!
I like to recite e-mails with my friends. Lots of my friends love the website: Caitlin, Diandra, Natasha, Hillary.... My dream is to get Strong bad to answer one of my e-mails.

OK... bye-dee-bye!!

Hi. I be PrincessofStrongBadia. Is it true that you like Strong Bad best? Me too! And what's so bad about having a teddy bear?????????

Well, I like Strong Bad AND Homsar best. Hence the name STRONGSAR!! It's a cross of Strong Bad and Homsar. I also have another crossed nickname, Bromtagh, a cross between Brom and Murtagh. Please read ERAGON!!!!! Those are my fav characters from Eragon. It's the best book ever!!!!! - StrongSar

Greetings, from TehMilkman. Oh, so you're a grrrrrl eh? For a moment I thought you were a male friend of mine named Sar. Be seein you. --TehMilkman

If you know where all of the easter eggs are, than what did you do on Easter?

Here's a link to the cupcake game: www.homestarrunner.com/kinggame.html
Play it, it's really fun!! - StrongSar