Uh, Hello everyone.... My name is Mr. Depressio and I'm new to H*RWiki. I'm sure you've seen some of my pages and information that I have contributed to H*RWiki get deleted. I am not a WikiTroll and do not engage in any deleting of information or adding inappropriate information. I do like Homestar Runner and the cartoons. Especially the Strong Bad Emails and I do hope that one of My Emails comes up someday.... I have never been to a Wiki Page Before and I am still learning the controls of this website.

I've Even Drawn Homestar a few times and actually sent in a (very mediocre) computer drawn picture of Homestar Runner


(With actual flesh and blood and bone arms too!)


(First Post on topic, darn link to picture wouldn't work)

to TBC. I have drawn all the characters including Homsar and I must say myself that they look good! I hope I haven't caused any trouble for the other Members of H*RWiki and I apologize if I seemed to be a threat to the website. If one of My emails comes up, then you'll know that its mine because the Closing Name is "TS8590" on the Email. I come from time to time to the H*RWiki Chat under the Name "Depressio". I have to say that this website is the best H*R Reference site I have ever seen. I hope I can be of good help and I would like to say hello to anyone who reads this.

-Mr. Depressio

Weclome to this wiki!!A Time Machine Wecloming A New User!!! Hold up, did the IRS have a cow over your birth ceritificate saying TS8590??

No, TS8590 is Tazsonic(TS is shortened form of my nickname)and my birthdate

I figured as much, but it was just a joke.