The Museum section of the Homestar website includes a set of thirteen early sketches of various characters. SomePerson tells us we can see them directly at

1. 1936 Homestar
2. Marzipan
3. Strong Mad
4. Pom-Pom's dog, Trivia Time
5. An unfinished kid's book.
6. Strong Sad
7. More Strong Sad
8. Even more Strong Sad
9. Dijjery-doo (The Cheat's cousin?)
10. The Pom-Pom story
11. Bubs and Coach Z
12. Homestar
13. Halloween costumes (Can you identify them?)

marzi.jpg ss1.jpg

As of July 19, 2004, new sketchbooks are featured on the main page. Here they will be:

19 Jul, 2004...............................Modestly Hot Homsars.

29 Jul, 2004...............................Caffenated Strong Sad.

Comments identifying the Halloween costumes:

In the last page, there are sketches of Strong Sad as an Oompa Loompa from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Marzipan as Marge Simpson, Homestar as Travis Bickle, Pom-Pom as the Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons, and others which I can't quite figure out.
-- Steve DiPerna

I think Coach Z is supposed to be Bob or Doug Mackenzie. Either one really, it doesn't matter.
-- Dark Grapefruit

I'm fairly confident he's Doug. You can tell by the earmuffs.
-- Andy

Homestar is Hellboy.
-- Resurrection Joe

Marzipan was dressed as Marge, and I think Susy Q or some other 50's girl.
-- rondell

Other comments

I don't know why Strong Sad is wearing those striped clothes; was he originally going to be some kind of jail bird?
-- Smooth crimnal
I think Strong Sad was supposed to be French or something.
-- Cheatking12
I think that without the stripes (or the elephant legs), he looks like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters.
-- The Thnikkaman
Black and White stripes are supposed to be despressing. - The Conducr

I can't find the "Modestly hot Homsar" picture. Where is it at? I've checked the Sketchbook over and over! -Clever Dan

It's on the main page, under Sketchbook in the What's New? bubble. DeLoreanz1