The Cheat: {^:|

I stole this one from da princess, but, Strong Bad: (>(:)o)

Homestar: (=|/_*_

Marzipan: ~(:) |

Strong Mad: >:(#)

Strong Sad: <(:|)

Pom-Pom: (: )

The Poopsmith: =(;0)

Bubs: (;|#)

Coach Z:
(|: )

No offense, but these don't look a thing like any of them. - FireBird

It's the best you can do with punctuation, give me a freakin' break! Shopiom, who wants a freakin' break!

I think that they're cute, although the Coach Z one makes no sense. - William "I'm changing my name to Ellipsis sometime soon" S.
I fixed the coach Z one --AgentNine

It's okay Shopiom, I like them. The person who asked for the smileys

(:C) That's Strong Sad. Just kidding. He's sad. What the heck am I doing? - CE1

You have to admit, That Pom-Pom one looks just like Pom-Pom. -Crap worthy enough for a god or goddess [see]

They're very good Shopiom. But Marzipan makes no sense - Da Bee

No offense, but the only ones that look real are SB and homestar- The name for Fighting and challenge if ever there was one