I call her Homsay cause she kinda looks like Homsar.... Strongrad
Only without the gigantic undabite. ~Yaanu~

I like the name Marpizan. It's good--at least, for this character.

Her name is not Homsay, Strongrad. If your going to do emails for her, you need to do if for Unnamed Girl, not Homsay. (Or not at all!) - Fire "Her name isn't Homsay!" Bird

Isn't this Strong Glad, the sister of the Strong Brothers that was abandoned by the Brothers Chaps when they were first coming up with characters? I think I saw something about this in the museum. - (Volcano Man & Princess Doom)

No, Strong Glad was a "happy" sketch of Strong Sad. -- JestersOfTheMoon

As a side note, Unnamed Girl is not standing next to Homeschool Winner. She's sitting next to The Cheat and The Cheat is standing next to Homeschool. Sorry folks, it's not Homeschool Winner's girlfriend. -
The Conductor

It's not anybody! It's "Unnamed Girl", who only appears in the background! - FireBird

That is, and always will be, Scrububs. 'Nuff Said.

-Ultra Meow_Jeff

I think she should be Marpizan. She would make a nice girlfriend for Homsar. --MelonadeLuvr

I think I'll delete this stupid crap. Stop arguing over a name for this stupid character that doesn't exist.
Thank you. ~ AgentSeethroo