I was watching Marshmallow's Last Stand but I turned it off at the part when Homestar spits the on Strong Bad's head cause I was scared of what would happen. Can somebody please tell me what happens?

Yeah, a chunk of Strong Bad's head disappears. -AdibM

Thanks, but does it come back?????

Well, is it missing in the later cartoons?? In the cartoon world, anything can happen. At various points, Sir Strongbad 1936, Strong Sad and Homsar all die, and yet they are still around later.. it's not a big deal.

Thanks again. I know that about cartoons. I know he'll just be the same in the next one. What I should've said was does it come back in THAT episode. By the way, I'm PrincessofStrongBadia.

no, by the end its still gone. if you don't seeing strongbad get beat up by homestar, don't watch the end of the cartoon though. -JamesGecko

Is there still a way to watch that toon? it's not up anymore, is there a link? I would appreciate it if y'all would tell. -TheDoggy

well, it used to be up at this mirror, (since its really old and not on the site anymore) http://themefund.org/homestar/mirror.cfm , but the mirror seems to have run out of bandwith bc it was the only place people could watch that stuff anymore. -JamesGecko

Thanks for answering my questions and not calling me a psycho.

the cartoon can now be found at this [Mirror Page with Jumping Jack Contest and Marshmallow's Last Stand]. just so ya know, I found this on our own links page. AgentSeethroo

These old cartoons seem to be generally less "harmless" than the newer ones... I mean, Homestar throwing up, Strongbad getting visible damage... (Guest)

You're right, Guest. I noticed that too. But it doesn't make sense since the earlier version of H*R seems to be targeted towards little kids and the newer version is for big kids. -da princess

This isn't true. Homestar Runner was originally for 10-15 of their friends. Then It was for them, their dad, and said friends. Now more and more children are watching the site. So it was originally for adults and is now for everyone. -CE5

I think that TBC disowned this because of Strong Bad getting brain damaged. I mean, it's referenced in so many places (personal favorites, main page 10, etc.) What I don't understand is why they didn't touch it up so he had a huge lump on his head. It worked for Pixar :)

I think they disowned it because it's so old. I mean, just look at it. -CE5

I agree with metastar. In fact, I really really agree with metastar! -da princess

It says on the FBI warning how crappy it is. I think that that's the reason. -CE5

How is it referenced in Main Page 10? -CE5)

Homestar swallows another bomb, but I wouldn't call that a reference. How is it mentioned in personal favorites? -Mechafox

It's not "mentioned" per se, but it shows Strong Bad and Homestar drawn to the style of it, and talking in the same crappy voices. -princess

In the interveiw "The little marshmallow place" is Marshmallow's Last Stand. itsdotcomer

I think the big reason they disowned it, was not just for any one quality, but just that, as the disclaimer at the beginning reads, it just all-around stinks. It's not a good cartoon, and only interesting for its historical value. Homestar looks creepy without his hat to boot. --Scziy

I can see why TBC rejected this toon, it's TERRIBLE! I don't know why they rejected the Jumping Jacks one, though. Yeah, the old site was more cartoony. Part of SB's head came off and he didn't die-or even bleed. Another cartoony thing was that SM bounced into space. This cartoon is just-uhhhhhhh! It sucks like the first season of The Simpsons! IT SUCKS! Ah, felt good to let that out. -Shopiom

What are you all talking about??? TBC didn't reject either this toon or A Jumping Jack Contest! They just took it off the site until they bought more webspace, then neglected to put them back on. (Guest)

Those cartoons were great. Its where Homestar started and there is nothing wrong with them. TBC just need to relax. They probably [word deleted by the person who left this comment's computer] them because it is their original work and it is very flawed. (Thus the FBI warning) They merely need reassurance. -- MasstaJ

No reassurance is merited for a piece such as this. A product that develops well from humble beginnings does not lend any intrinsic improvement to those beginnings. -Scziy