Just a note, when you go over a button, then click and hold, and drag your mouse off the button and release, the thing the button does will never end. But only if it's something the goes on forever, like toons on number 18. ~CB

On a similar note, if you go over a button then click and hold, it will finish. That's only ones that aren't infinite but stop when you take the mouse off of them, like "Downloads" on number 18. -CE5

As of today I don't see the main pages numbers. What's up with that? Poot Slap

Mine's working fine.

You may be loading a cached version. Mine doesn't show up either. -Stu


You may be loading a cached version of the main page (an old version you have stored on your computer). The old menus contained the numbers, but the ones today don't seem to. Try emptying your temporary internet files and see if you still get the numbers at the bottom of the menu. Maybe I am just crazy. -Stu

I still get the numbers on all of the Main Pages, even after a Ctrl+F5. Though I have noticed that the "store" button on (/MainPage 20)? is acting funny. It seems to reset the upper right-hand corner button (always goes back to "new menu page!") and the listing of other menu pages in the lower left when I mouse over it. Weird. -- Tom

Put a page in .swf, and resize the window. Make it tall and skinny to see what is up and down, and short and wide to see more left and right. ~CB

If I'm not mistaken (and this may've already been noted) but it seems from the source that you can never randomly access pages 19 or 20 from the [index] page. Is this accurate?

Yup, that's right. The number in the HTML code to bring up random pages is still at 18. -- Tom

On most of the menus you can right click and hit play to trigger some actions - kidovathere

When ever I right click it doesn't work -20X6;d

What I did in the reformat was just change some of the names around a bit, and add the <TITLE> tag to all of them if appropriate ("inappropriate" was if it was exactly the same as the nickname for the page, or if it was simply "Homestar Runner"). I was also considering the links that say "Mainpage#" to the nickname of the page and just make the description be the title tag. This proposal wouldn't involve changing the actual name of the page (So I wouldn't be breaking links or anything), just the appearance of the list itself. Although if some other people say "go for it" I would be willing to rename all the pages and fix the links elsewhere in the wiki... --Xhad

Main Page 12 currently has an HTML error and a > is at the top of the page, causing the flash menu to drop down
For the day Crying the Strong Bad Emai came out, the Title on all the Main Pages was The Comeback Kid!! Also known as Homestar Runner! weirdbro