YEAY It's me What I am suposed to do what hu why awwwwww man i seriusly messsed this one up man crap crap!

please correct

/my favorite toons

my name is Jacob I love chao and homestar I AM A BOY yaaaaaaaaaaay
faveorite toon

Weclome to the Homestar Runner Wiki!! A Time Machine Weclome To This Wiki!!

CE1: Weclome to Homestar Wiki dot Com!
CHERRY GREG: It's dot org.
CE1: Oh, sorry. Welcome to Homestar Wiki dot Com! It's dot org!
CE1: Hi, I'm Homestar, welcome to Hometstar Wiki dot Org!
CHERRY GREG: Your name isn't-nevermind. We'll go with that.
The following broadcast was by me, CE1

thanks man but will you tell me how to put a pic here --20X6;d

First, you get the link to the picture. (Right click the picture and click properties.)
Then, copy whatever it says on the http part. Then, paste the http://whatever on the text.
Click the save button, and ta-da! - You get it?

now tell me how to make boxes and big letters and little letters please

Can I get a please?
Box. Edit this page to see how to do it.

Very Big

Even Bold-Italiacs

Period: .
Capitalization: A B C

It's a fairly simple process. Check out WikiGettingStarted. It has a better explanation, trust me.

-- FireBird
thanks man

comments please

tomorrow is my 11th birth day --20X6;d