Here you can keep track of the KuPoints you've earned. Automatic 30 points to whoever's on my friends list and whowver joins my cruddy wiki!

Comments and Such

Hey, what KuPoints good for?-Homsar RUnner

Later, you'll be able to get some kinda cool downloads with em. -Kupo

You know, Hagurumon was right. He started a fad. And I started it!! It was my copying of his idea that started this!! DeLoreanz1

When you just get on his friends list, how long does it take to be put on here? -strongbadsboss

When I put myself on the friends list, it took me like 10 seconds to get on here! -30 Points

In honor of me joining your cruddy wiki, could I have 30 Kupoints? -No Loafing

Suuuuure. -Ku"I'm so generous"Po